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Hotpoint 27" Wide 3.5 DOE cu. ft. Capacity Top-Load ExtrAction Washer


Hotpoint combines easy-to-use features with practical design to complement any kitchen These Energy Star qualified appliances have been created to affordably meet the needs of busy lives Discover how easy it can be to rejuvenate your home and add a

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Cheap and Efficient washer that gets the job done.


Overall I really like the washer but it's odd clanks and whirring noises during use make me a little leery. Energy Efficiency Seems to use less water but does run longer so I'm not sure how efficient it is. Cleaning Time Takes longer to run through a cycle than my old washer. Performance My clothes do come out clean and smelling good. And, they are wrung out better. Ease of Use Couldn't be easier. Just load, select water level, cleaning cycle and pull knob. Design Seems to be a good design. Durability At this point, I'm not sure. Only time will tell.

Fairmont, WV


Hotpoint Saves You Money


My first washing machine was a HotPoint. I bought it because I didn't have much money, going off to college and needed a washer that wouldn't break the budget. For the price, this machine is phenomenal. It does everything a washer should do, but doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The washer is quiet. It is a fairly large washer, so if you are low on space, this might not be the one for you. You can set the washer on different cycles and speeds if you want to. I noticed that this washer was rough on my clothes. I couldn't put my undergarments in the machine because it ruined quite a few of my bras and undershirts the first couple I times I used it. I ended up having to wash them by hand. I wouldn't put delicate shirts in this washer either. Everything else did fine in the washer. The time to clean the clothes seems shorter than other washers I've seen. I had the machine for about 5 years and then sold it to a friend. My friend still uses the machine today so the product is very durable and we've never had any problems with it. For the cost, it is a great little machine. If you can afford more for a washer, though, there are better products out there.

Lockport, LA


affordable and quiet washing machine


I bought this washing machine to replace a 20+ year old washer that started leaking. I was looking for something affordable and didn't need a particularly large capacity or any fancy bells & whistles. This washer was exactly what I needed. The best part about it is that it's super quiet, even on the regular wash/spin cycle. It has all the basic settings, and seems quite gentle, even on the regular wash/spin cycles. I have had it for about a year now and so far I have no complaints. Nothing has broken, it cleans my clothes well, and quite possibly uses less energy than my previous washer. It's very intuitive to use and is a very simple and "clean" design.

Bethlehem, PA


Hotpoint washer wears clothes out but has convenient size


I was hesitant about the hotpoint washer at first because it is a less well-known brand, however size space was a big factor, and this is smaller washer (27 inches) while still being a near standard size -the smallest one available at our store. It works well and has held up for a year or two so far. My only complaint is that it seems rough on our clothes. I notice more fading in the wash than I used to with the old Maytag that died.

Gainesville, FL


Hotpoint 27" Wide 3.5 DOE cu. ft. Capacity Top-Load ExtrAction Washer

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