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Hotpoint 2.4 cu. Ft. Freestanding Electric Range - White


Coil Heating Elements - Provides consistent and even heat on the cooktop with a plug-in element that is removable for easy cleaning; Chrome Drip Bowls - Contain minor spills and are removable for easy cleaning

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Broke down quickly


I used the Hotpoint 20" Freestanding Electric Range for a little over 8 months while I was renting an apartment and I found it to be terrible despite being free. This stove did a sub par job for the most part. 2 out of the 4 burners stopped working after 3 months of use. It wasn't a big deal because I only use 2 burners max at any given time. I did come to find out that one of the remaining burners didn't heat up evenly. I was cooking ground beef and noticed after 6 minutes that a quarter of the meat was still under cooked. I decided to touch that side of the skillet and burner to discover that they were both lukewarm. The other remaining burner heated evenly. The oven portion of this electric range did a decent job with baked goods, but it would take longer to bake them than the recommend time for each individual item. I definitely wouldn't recommend the Hotpoint 20" Freestanding Electric Range because it's too small and most importantly not durable.

Westchester, IL


not sure how i feel about electric but ok so far


To be honest, I'm still trying to get used to cooking on an electric stove top. My new place has this oven and I'm somewhat on the fence about it. I do like how it seems to heat up quicker and boil water faster than a gas stove. However, I don't like that when you turn the burners off it seems like the food keeps cooking because the electric coils are still so hot. I've burnt my food a few times this way by forgetting to move it to a different part of the stove top when I turned the coils off. Temperature Control It seems as if the temperature control is on spot so they do a good job changing from high to medium to low and everywhere in between fairly well. Heat Distribution I guess this is the section I do not like. The electric coils seems to stay hot for so much longer than a gas oven burner. It makes me burn food all the time. I'm so used to just leaving the pot or skillet on the same part and turning the burner off. Durability It seems as if this electric oven is durable. Though I would be interested to see how durable it is in a power outage. Design It's ok. A little too boxy and old-ish looking in my opinion. Great for small spaces though.



Hotpoint 2.4 cu. Ft. Freestanding Electric Range - White

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