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Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels Color Shifters Sharkport Showdown™ Play Set


1st in Car Class

Hot Wheels® have been boys’ favorite push around and racing die-cast cars for over 45 years.  Widely popular with both kids and collectors, the brand continues to blaze new trails and respond to innovative trends.


Transform your ride before your eyes

Now you can transform the color of your Hot Wheels® cars with Color Shifters® vehicles! It’s fun to dunk and simple, too: warm or icy water changes the car’s color. Some vehicles even feature a multi-color transformation! A wide variety of available decos and shades offer something cool for every car fan. Splash or dunk your Color Shifters® vehicle in water and watch your ride transform before your very eyes! It’s like having two cars in one.

Drive to Survive!

Boys love action sets full of dangerous challenges, adventure and excitement. They will have a blast navigating this themed water and speed play set trying to free their car from the jaws of the metal-munching shark. When they do, they save the day!

If They Can Dream It, They Can Build It

Boys love being in creative control and constructing their ideal courses. The Sharkport Showdown® is part of a compelling, diverse system of stunts and racing sets that work together and attach to existing Hot Wheels® tracks. Now boys can expand their racing world and create the course of their dreams – with versatility and ease!

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I bought some Hot Wheels cars at the mall and with this it's soooo cool watching the shark biting


Almería, España


Great for both boys


Though the beginning age for this toy is technically four years old, my three and a half year old loves it and gets how to use it. His little brother, who is one and a half, just copies whatever he does and uses it just fine too. The Hot Wheels Color Shifters Sharkport Showdown Play Set is full of fun adventures that lend themselves to my kids' wild imaginations. There are great sensory motor challenges as my boys race their cars down the speedway trying to escape the shark. They also love how there are different color-themed play areas. It has a dunk tank and splash pool I like that this Hot Wheels set is compatible with our other set, so we have just expanded it into a giant car zone. I'm glad that the shark trap is easy to release. This makes for hours of entertainment for my boys. Perhaps my all time favorite aspect is that this play set does not require batteries, just a vivid imagination!


Dallas, TX


It's just not that great


The Hot Wheels Color Shifters Sharkport Showdown Play Set is just Ok. This was given to my little one as a Christmas gift. He is almost three but loves Hot Wheels and anything that resembles a race track or a ramp he can roll his cars on. We sit and play with him and although, I am an adult, this toy falls apart a lot when I am using it. So, I can't accept the theory that it's not an age appropriate toy for someone under three years old. The pool of water does not stay attached and is constantly coming loose. The orange lift doesn't always work right and gets stuck. Furthermore, I have yet to get the shark trap contraption to actually spring open which is part of the main feature of the toy besides the color change. Nevertheless, my son enjoys playing with it. He will drive the car up the ramp and onto the lift where he will lift up the car and roll it down the other ramp. The cold and warm water feature is too messy so we don't utilize it as part of playtime with the toy. The other feature we will not be utilizing is the ability to purchase other Showdown scenes and attach them to this toy. Considering how flimsy and troublesome this one toy scene is, we won't be spending extra money to expand it. This is also a good quiet time toy for about twenty minutes and then the water piece comes loose or the orange lift gets stuck and he is crying for us to come fix it. If it were not a gift, I would have returned it. I would not recommend buying this toy at the price point it is selling for. It is flimsy and has too many flaws. No matter what age, I still would not recommend purchasing the Hot Wheels Color Shifters Sharkport Showdown Play Set.




Hot Wheels Color Shifters Sharkport Showdown™ Play Set

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