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Hot Tools
Hot Tools 3/4" Marcel curling iron

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This works great!


Hot Tools 3/4" Marcel Curling Iron is an absolutely great product! What I love about this product is that it gets very hot which allows for long lasting, beautiful curls. The problem with most curling irons is that the curls fall out fast. I have found that this curling iron lasts the longest. I always have people asking which iron I use. I will be a lifetime user of this brand and I highly recommend it for everyone!



Want curl that lasts? Get Hot Tools!


As a hairstylist Hot Tools products are the ONLY curling/flat irons I will use. No other iron compares to them! I have used other brands in the past on my hair and my clients and Hot Tools is the only curling iron that will curl my hair and last. I can sleep on it and still have curls left! Usually within just a few hours my hair is left flat and all my time spent fixing my hair wasted. I use these irons everyday in my salon and only recommend this brand to my clients! Great to use on all hair types. You just adjust the heat accordingly, hotter for coarse hair and cooler for fine hair. I use mine on medium most of the time and the results with all hair types are wonderful. I don't think that any other brands can beat the quality of Hot Tools!! Unless you have had experience with a marcel iron I would recommend Hot Tools spring irons. Not many people are comfortable using the marcel and that could result in burns, and you definitely would not want that combined with the high heat of these irons! Their spring irons are just as good as the marcel, I use both!

Kingsport, TN


Long lasting curling iron


I purchased this curling iron in 2003 so I have it and have been using it for 8 years and it is still going strong. I only use it about once a week so that might be why it has lasted so long. I rated it as above average because besides lasting so long, there isn't really anything special about it. It gets hot and curls my hair well. It's a hot metal barrel so it can be hard on hair, but I don't use it everyday so taht isn't a problem for me. Pros- Long lasting Gets hot and has a variety of heat settings. It's more than some of the basic cheapo curling irons but not nearly as expensive as some others so I guess it's a good in between price and considering how long it has lasted I think it's been a good value. Cons- cheap plastic parts. barrel gets very hot and can burn you pretty easily if you aren't careful Overall I think it is a decent curling iron. Nothing extra special, but a good very durable curling iron.

Midway, UT


Great Product!


I have had this product since high school, which is able 8 years. It still works just as great today as it did when I first got it. I have thin hair but a lot of it, and I am able to hold curl very well after using this iron. Unlike others that leave my hair flat after a few hours, I still have somewhat of a curl the next day!The size of the curls is perfect for my longer hair, and I am able to create styles leaving my hair down, or cute up styles with my curls. I've also used this curling iron on friends with think hair, dry hair, and we always end up with fabulous results. I like the many heat settings on this curling iron, rather than high and low. I feel like on most curling irons high is too hot, and low is not hot enough to make curls stay. I would suggest this product for any type of hair. It's a good value for the price, and it has lasted me a long time, and I don't see it dying out any time soon!

Chicago, IL


Decent product!


This product is a good product....I have been using Hot Tools since high school, so about 7 years! I work in a salon and spa so I am very familar with most of the products that are on the market today. It's not the best product I have used but its definetely not the worst.  I would definetely recommend it to others!!!!!

Madison, IN


Hot Tools 3/4" Marcel curling iron

4.4 5