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Ant Killer
Hot Shot
Hot Shot Natural Ant & Roach Killer

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only ant & roach killer i'll use


I picked up this ant and roach killer for ants that were coming into my kitchen. I have 2 kids and a cat so I wanted something that wasn't going to be as harsh as regular bug sprays. I sprayed this one time and within a few hours, no more ants. Also, the smell wasn't that strong chemical smell that you get from regular bug sprays.



A Natural Way to Kill Insects


Unless they are pets, I don't know of anyone who likes to have insects inside their house. With spring coming upon us (not soon enough here in the midwest!), I know that soon will come the annual invasion of bugs inside my home. Okay, so it's not like one of those horror movies with hundreds of bugs swarming my house, but we still have issues with spiders finding their way inside. I do my best to get my husband to do the nasty job of smashing the invading spider with his shoe, a paper towel, or his bare hands (in emergency situations), but there are times when my knight-in-shining armor isn't home so I have to do the job myself. Because this is a job that I sorely dread, I have taken to using prevention (i.e. bug spray) to help rid our home of spiders. The chemical-laden bug sprays worried me when used inside the house so I was happy to discover Hot Shot Natural Ant & Roach Killer, which is a natural insecticide that also kills spiders and other insects. This product is safe for use around children and pets and contains lemongrass oil, which is a natural insecticide. Although this is natural, the user still needs to use precaution and avoid getting this in anyone's eyes. This product seems to work well in helping to keep the spiders outside of our home. While it definitely smells better than the chemical bug killing sprays, the strong scent of lemongrass and wintergreen oil (another ingredient), can be off-putting for some people. I went overboard the first time that I used this and our home smelled strongly of this scent for several hours. I had to open windows and leave the house until it was bearable to come back inside. I now know better to use just a little bit and to make sure that the room(s) are vented well before I spray. I'm very happy with this product and will continue to use it to keep those nasty spiders outside of our house.



Hot Shot Natural Ant & Roach Killer

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