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Hostess - Smart Bakes Streusel Cakes

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Tricky situation


These cakes are really tricky - literally. There are some really great things about them. But also, there are some things that make quite controversial. Overall, Hostess Smart Bakes Streusel Cakes are very delicious. Especially the streusel area, pure heaven. The cake area is bouncy and somewhat thick. It makes them a little dry. You will need a drink to accompany these cakes. They are somewhat dry but still, very good. The controversy for me comes in with the label of smart bakes. I believe that the name of the cakes are somewhat misleading. They contain at least 4 teaspoons of sugar in each serving. Also, some of the other information provided on the label are inconsistent. These have trans fat in them even though the label says no. Hostess has managed to bake an excellent tasting streusel cake but, in my opinion, they should be more accurately described.



Hostess - Smart Bakes Streusel Cakes

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