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Hormel Tamales Beef in Chili Sauce

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Mary Kitchen Roast Beef Hash is the best


I did not find the Hormal Mary Kitchen samples listed to write a review on so here it is. Hormel Corned beef Hash Just like homemade, taste so good without having to peel and cut potato and wait for them to cook. So easy to throw it in a frying pan and crisp it up, if you don't like the crispy part then microwave is good for you because it taste the same without the crispy. Hormel Corned Beef Lower Sodium It's just as good as the regular make sure and fry it up for the crispy. Hormel Roast beef Hash is my favorite of all the hash. It has a wonderful flavor. Hormel Sausage Hash is great for the breakfast in you. All the hashed are loaded with meat

Old Town, Florida


Good stuff, especially for being in a can!


Hormel Tamales are pretty good. Granted, they do not compare to the REAL thing, but I still like them! I think there are six in each can, tightly rolled in "paper" linings to help them keep their shape, and have a good bit of sauce. I like to just mash up my tamales in a bowl with the sauce (I am a sauce fiend) and eat them that way. They are not spicy, which is a good thing for me since I do not particularly care for spicy foods. I wish they would put more "meat" in them though. I would recommend Hormel Tamales to friends and family.



Local food stores are out so I am looking for some now.


I really do like canned tamales, several brands I have tried, Hormel being the latest and I like their large can.  Austin is shown as the first place that tamales were canned, maybe that is a factor but these things are great.  The Masa is what makes it so.  I have done some other things with it.  I have taken some really lean grownd meat (abou 1 lb), nice head of yellow onion, some garlic (I usually use the minced in the jar now) and brown it all really nicely until the meat is done and the onion is clear looking.  Then I add a little chili powder, a little contadina tomato sauce or Hunts or even some Ketshup ( prefer Del Monte) and let that simmer for a bit with just about a half cut to cup of water.  Then, I pour all that on the bottom of a pyrex type dish and add the tamales, minus the "shucks" to the top.  I sometimes just mash this all in, at other times I let is all just rest together.  Heat it, add a few cornships to the chili mixture if desired, add cheese (longhorn, colby or cheddar) if desired, also some like sour cream (I do not as I think it ruins the dish).Enjoy.

Austin, TX


Most Affordable Tamale Without Leaving the Country


I find myself often craving these tamales because they are easy to heat up and have the delicious polenta style cornmeal I love. The filling is fairly decent although I would prefer it to have pulled pork or chicken, perhaps some green olives too! But since I can't go far to get those, I just grab a can of these. There are so many in there, you could feed 2 or 3 people! The price is right for the quality, although it is a bit greasy and could use a little more salt. However, since I avoid salt for the most part, it's nothing that a black bean and corn salsa or pico de gallo can't balance out! Take some of these with you, don't be scared to try them!

Marietta, GA


Outstanding close to homemade


**Hormel puts out great tasting chilli mostly their Homestyle it is the best around** **When you can't make your own from scratch give this a try.** **you won't be dissapointed It is aquick meal with a little spice not too hot but just right** **The beef Tamales are good too if you are in for what I say is a little on the Tex - Mex recipe . You really can't go wrong with anything Homel puts out but these are tricky receipes and to find something uin a can is a plus when you are short on time and want to be able to serve something that doesn't tastes like it came from a can you have try these two from Homel**  

Littleton, CO


Really gross.


I got a can of these when I was really sick, thinking that I like mexican food, and I had no energy, so I'd give it a try.These are not tamales. These are slimy tube shaped tamale flavored things. This is what a tamale might turn out like if someone who had never had a tamale had heard of them and gave it a shot. They are greasy, slimy, and the filling is brown mush, which is, according to the can beef, but by taste, is brown paste.  Easy to make, but not worth it. Gross.

Beaverton, OR


Hormel Tamales Beef in Chili Sauce

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