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all beef/no fillers, au jus, convenience package, Dairy free, Gluten free
Hormel Beef Roast au jus

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Great tasting and easy to prepair but horrible after effects


Two days after trying this product ,I went to the ER with terrible stomach pains,diarrea and vomiting.I was told it was food poisoning.Two days later my girlfriend had the same experience.A neighbor that I know tried this product was in bed for five days.



Easy, versatile, tasty!


The Hormel roast beef entrees are great. High quality ingredients, no fillers or yucky stuff. They taste great, too. I have fixed them in several ways - on hoagie rolls with onion and provolone cheese (toasted), mixed with pasta and vegetables, even as roast! There are several other varieties, but this one is my family's favorite. They are relatively inexpensive (and are often on sale), very easy to make and easily feed 3 people when used as part of a full meal. Even my husband and daughter can prepare a meal with these entrees. They can also be frozen and used later, so stock up when they go on sale! With a new baby coming, I have several of these in different varieties stashed in my freezer so we can eat well when I am not up to cooking!  

Monticello, MN


why go to the trouble of cooking a roast from scratch


i used to cook and season a roast myself, but was in a bind one time and tried this product.  i will never go back to making a home-cooked roast b/c my husband and son like this one better!  it is very tasty, has always been tender (can cut it w/ a fork) , and is usually pretty lean.  best of all it takes only 4 minutes to cook in the microwave, so it is perfect for a busy evening when you don't have much time (or are too tired) to cook.   the gravy is also good on potatoes and rice.  the roast cooks in the tray it comes in, so clean up is easy. the only drawback i can see is that the portion is probably better for two people and not three.  if we have company over i usually purchase two packs which can get pretty expensive.  i believe that the expense is an equitable trade-off for the convenience it affords.  i always buy it at the grocery whenever i see it b/c it is often out of stock; it must be pretty popular.  we eat it at my house at least once a week!    .

Greenville, SC


Hormel Beef Roast au jus

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