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Horizon Organic
Horizon Organic Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk, 8-Ounce Aseptic Cartons (Pack of 12) (Horizon Organic)

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my family LOVES this milk!


Horizon organic milk is the only milk i will buy for my son. i love the convience of its not needing to be refridgerated. The individual servings are great for mom's on the go. The straw is small and pulls up to become a larger straw that reaches all the way to the bottom of the container. Making sure there is no waste. The taste is creamy and not too chocolatey. I used to drink this when i was pregnant. It is loaded with vitamins and offers a great way to give my son just what he needs and wants without the added sugar.    Think outside the juice box by using a nutritious and delicious choice with organic milk boxes. These convenient shelf stable packaging is perfect for kids and busy adults. Perfect for lunchboxes, after school sports, travel, camping, and fun! Available in plain 2%, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Derby, CT


Horizen Organic Chocolate Milk is Creamy & Good for you.


I enjoy drinking chocolate milk, but the first time i tried Horizens Organic Chocolate Milk i knew i would never go back. Now if im ever out and in need of a chocolate milk and i buy another brand i end up throwing it away wishing i hadnt wasted my money. This milk is so smooth and creamy. When i first tried it at someones house, i went to the store looking for it in the fride section, not finding it i thought "great this is going to be another one of those things where i like it and i can never find it again." When telling my friend how much i liked it and couldnt find it she told me how its not found in the fridge. That disterbed me at first, trying to figure out how that could be good for you when its not in the fridge. When my son is older and is of age to drink chocolate milk i will definetly let him drink this.THis milk also comes in Strawberry, Vinella (i think its vinella and not plain) and Chocolate.It has the added benifit of being Organic as well!

Milford, CT


Horizon Organic Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk, 8-Ounce Aseptic Cartons (Pack of 12) (Horizon Organic)

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