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Horizon Fitness
Horizon Fitness CSE 3.5 Elliptical Trainer

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A really satisfying workout - even on the fly!


    I got my Horizon CSE 3.5 a year and a half ago, and I'm still very pleased and satisfied with it.  I have a crazy schedule, so I'm not on it consistently, but even when I miss a few days, I can get back on it and easily get back into the "rhythm" of my workout.  I chose an elliptical because I had a knee injury and didn't want to risk further damage.  I used my elliptical later in the healing process without any adverse effects, and have no pain at all now.  I also chose this type of machine because I'm not particularly fond of outdoor exercise in extreme cold or heat - call me a sissy, but I'm not into that much personal torture ;-)  I just like to get my exercise, feel good about it, and get on with my day.  I found I can read while using the ellipticaI; this model has a handy little ledge where I can prop a book, and it makes my workout even more pleasant.  It's simple to fit a workout into a hectic schedule with this machine, and I can customize it to whatever my day is like without having to give it excessive thought.    I chose the Horizon model because I have had a Horizon treadmill in the past, and they have great, dependable products, and wonderful customer service.  I bought this one through the factory refurb program, so I also got a great deal on it.  It has 7 programs which you can either personalize or choose a preset one, an easy-to-read electronic panel that shows your progress, a scrolling "encouragement" message, a heart rate monitor, and variable incline.  The one little glitch my husband and I have noticed is that on the higher inclines at a higher speed it will give a little slip occasionally.  I've only noticed it once or twice because I usually don't incline it as high as my husband does, but it isn't so frequent to cause a problem with his workout. Other than that, and an occasional squeak on the tracks - easily remedied with machine oil - I can say that I heartily recommend this machine, and, for a very satisfying, low-impact general workout, the elliptical is a great choice.

Newnan, GA


It's a great elliptical machine that you can get a good workout


We bought this elliptical trainer machine  two years ago from a Fitness Center and we really enjoy using it.  It is quiet so that you can watch TV while you work out or listen to music.   It has an adjustable knob on it to increase or decrease the workout  and has digital readings that are easy to see.  It gives you a great workout without strain on your knees.  You can put it on low setting til you work yourself up to a higher setting.  It shows what your heartrate is just by touching the handles that are down in front of you and is just a well built machine for working out on.   I like it better than walking because especially in the winter time it is cold and it gets dark so early that we really don't walk to walk at night and sometimes that's the only time of day that we can exercise due to our schedules.  So it is so handy to have, we have it right near our bedroom so that we see it and we then are sure to use it and I also like it too because it has a place where you can prop a TV remote and I put my phone there too so that if I do get a call while I am exercising, it is not problem to answer my call even though I may be a little out of breath due to the good workout that it gives.   I really like an elliptical trainer because it raises your heart rate and has no strain on your knees, which my husband and I both have bad knees.  I would definitely recommend it.

Jasper, GA


nice product at reasonable price


My first trainer. Got it online, and had it delivered to home directly. Took a while to assemble the baby. It almost feels as nice as the elliptical trainers in the gym, however it requires some adjustment with tools provided once a while. Overall, all my family members liked it. We canceled our gym membership, thus saved a lot of money each year.

Arcadia, CA


works for my husband & me - perfect size for both of our strides


in shopping for an elliptical machine, we had trouble finding a machine with a stride that would work for both my husband (5'11") and me (5'4"). the horizon elliptical machine works for both of us. it's a sturdy machine that provides a great workout. after several months, one of the wheels fell apart. we called horizon, and they shipped us a new pair of wheels with no difficulty. the fan on the control panel intermittently goes out. this was not, however, a huge loss as it doesn't provide much breeze anyway. the control panel has a good variety of workouts and levels. it also has the ability to store a workout calendar, which provides you with a different pre-programmed workout for several weeks. we both prefer the elliptical machine over other machines because of its low impact workout. we've now had this particular model for about 2 years. we haven't had another problem with the wheels since the initial issue. aside from this issue and the fan going out occasionally, we've had no other problems. the machine isn't really showing any signs of wear. we use it fairly frequently - both of us use the machine at least 3 times a week - we've been using it at this pace for about 2 years. i would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality, durable machine with a good variety of workouts available.

Harrisburg, NC


Horizon Fitness CSE 3.5 Elliptical Trainer

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