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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Bagless Vacuum

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I only had this product for a year and it stopped working I kept it as clean as I could and emptied it frequently the cord is nice that it is retractable but when you pull the cord out to plug it in when you order to unplug it it is very warm so it begin to split


Washington ,Pa


Great buy


What a fantastic hoover I am disabled and it's so easy to use thank you



First model great, 2nd nope


The first model I've had for 5 years and it's reached its end, but was a great vacuum while it lasted. Lightweight and the rewind was very useful. But it started it "time out" and it would turn off before I'd finish the living room. It would come back on after about 15 minutes to finish. I feel that it should have lasted longer for the price but it's not too expensive either i guess. The second model I purchased when the after up too much. It was SO much heavier, the cord didn't rewind more than a few inches and it didn't have a good suction at all in addition to the random turning off right out of the box. It went back very quickly. I like the rewind feature, the first model and the attachments overall!


Farmington, MO


Buy if you have animal


I use this for carpet and floors it's amazing how much dog hair and dust it picks up. After each use I empty and if filter gets dirty you can rinse out. Love my Hoover and the price is right and does great work. Buy it !!!


Lombard IL


Great vacuum


I had a vacuum that I used and thought it done a good job.When I got this Hoover bagless and used it for the first time the compartment filled the first use.I didn't no how much my old one wasn't getting.This Hoover out did mine hands down.Easy to clean.Easy to empty.I don't have to spend extra money on bags.The cord isn't long enough but that's a minor complaint.It has a foot operated whind for the cord.Great vacume.You will love this vacuum as much as I do.




It's good for the money


This vacuum was a wedding gift 6 years ago, so know that it's gone through some good use. I use it a couple times a week since I have three floors in my house, two kids, and a dog. I feel like when I use it, the bagless compartment fills up a lot, so it obviously has good suction, however, it smells terrible. I don't know if it's the dog hair or what, but we are constantly taking it apart to clean it all out and changing the filter, and we cannot figure out why it smells so terrible. The cord is super long and is retractable, but our broke so we just have to wrap it around the handle now. I think that might just be the luck of the draw because others I know with this vacuum haven't had that problem, and to me it's really not that big of a deal. It can get overheated easily, so make sure to clean it out after each use and make sure the tubing isn't clogged. If it overheats, it just shuts off until you clean it. I agree with whoever said that connection from the bagless container onto the vacuum has a poor seal on it. I find my legs covered in dust sometimes even though I've checked and rechecked the seal around it. Overall, for being a cheaper vacuum, it does the job, but I hope to upgrade someday!


Billings, MT

Excited as ever


Absolutely love my Hoover, I wouldn't trade it for the world. The pet hair this thing pulls up is amazing. That gives me the feeling of knowing how clean and hair free my home is.


Goldsboro, NC


Great vacuum


I would definitely recommend this vacuum it works great picks up everything definitely a great vacuum




Love this vacuum!


I love this vacuum! My husband and I bought it a year and a half ago and it keeps up with my Shepherd who sheds like crazy! I've used it on carpet, tile, and laminate and it works wonderfully on all three. Very easy to move, take apart, clean.


Osteen, Fl


Great vacumm


I love all of the attachments and versatility of this vacuum. The bag less vacuum makes it easy to empty. It also picks up dog hair easily. I recommend this vacuum on both hard wood and carpet. Maneuverability The attachments make it easy to clean against the wall or reach up to the ceiling. Ease of Maintenance I love being able to empty the bag less vacuum after every use! Very easy to clean. Suction Performance You are able to set the vacuum to the floor level. Works great on both carpet and hardwood floor. Picks up anything left on my floor (mother of an 18 month old). We also have a long- haired dog, who sheds all year round. His hair is easily picked up with this vacuum. Versatility There are many accessories that are easily changed out while on the go. This vacuum makes cleaning along the wall EASY! Design You are able to put the cord back into the vacuum at the press of a button. This is super convenient. The vacuum is easy to pick up and carry if needed. Easily stored in a closet when not being used.




Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Bagless Vacuum

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