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Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Canister Vacuum S3755

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8 years and still going, with some repairs


I have mixed feelings about this vacuum. On the one hand it does a fine job cleaning and has a powerful suction that works of thick pile carpet. But it's needed quite a few repairs over the years. Had my husband not been able to take apart the base, replace the spinning rubber drive belt, and a few other things, I would have had to replace it years ago. That said, with some help and TLC it remains strong and a good cleaner. We have 3 large breed dogs who shed like crazy, so the unit does work hard in this house. Maneuverability It's heavy and not very maneuverable. Cannot be used easily up a log flight of steps. But this is true of any heavy-duty serious vacuum. Ease of Maintenance Aside from the repairs mentioned above, the day to day maintenance is easy. The filter cleans off with a few sturdy bands against the side of the garbage pail. The canister holds plenty of debris and empties quickly without much mess. Suction Performance The suction is very good. HOWEVER, I find the suction is only good on the "carpet" setting, even when I am cleaning hardwood floors. I therefore always engage the roller-brush on the "carpet" setting, wherever I am in the house. Versatility Compared to other vacuums this one is pretty much a one-trick pony. It cleans your carpets and floors and does so with heavy duty power. It's hard to lug around corners and up stairs. But it's strong and sucks up a lot of dirt. Design The design is consistent with its main function: carpets and hardwood across large areas. Not small or versatile enough to get into little corners, etc. For this you can detach the hand-held top portion and suction corners and crevices Durability I'm mixed on this. It's got a tough motor and has a difficult job in our pet-filled house. It still works really well, but as mentioned it's needed some technical repair and parts that I'm glad my husband could figure out.



Awful vacuum!


I used this vacuum for about 6 months and it went out on us.  It was going to cost almost as much as the vacuum did.  At first this did a great job and I was really impressed what it picket up, but a couple months went by and it didn't clean quite as well.  We ended up throwing it away.  I went with a dyson and will never by a lower end vacuum again.  It's a waste of money and time!  I love my Dyson!

Monroe, WA


Awesome vacuum for the price!


I love this vacuum. It is easy to manuever and the telescoping wand is great.  It easily adjusts for taller people to use.  I also like the adjustable power levels and the quick release buttons.  It is a very powerful vacuum, it has great suction and is easy to empty.  It works well on both carpet and hard floors because of the on/off switch for the brush. It is also very stylish and modern looking. Consumer Reports rated it the best for the money and I agree.

Hugoton, KS


Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Canister Vacuum S3755

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