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Bagless Upright Vacuums
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Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright with Bonus Pet Tools

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Amazing features


I am so happy with my new Hoover Air Lift Light vacuum. I've never owned a Hoover and I can guarantee after having one I will continue to buy Hoover products. This vacuum has great suction there is a button that says brush on the side and you push that when using on carpet. I love that I can use this vacuum on hard wood or carpet. I couldn't believe how much dirt that came up after using this vacuum and I vacuum everyday it just proves the suction is amazing and it gets deep down in the carpet. Another amazing feature with this vacuum is the bag less canister comes off and I can carry it with me while cleaning my furniture and my ceilings. I am in love with the long handle attachment that reaches my ceiling so I can make sure o have no more cob webs or dust absolutely wonderful feature that this Hoover has. It comes with attachments to vacuum your furniture too. One problem I've had with my last vacuum is the cord was not long enough, well again another great feature with this Hoover is much longer and I don't have to unplug it and move the plug to another plug in. The swivel that this vacuum has saved me a lot of time when I'm cleaning it's really nice and makes the job easier. I've never been so excited to bring out the vacuum my husband even loves it. This is the purchase you want to make when selecting a vacuum that has a lot of features it's light weight and really gets the job done. This vacuum is wonderful for getting rid of cat hair off your furniture too.

Sarra Baptist


Lightweight with plenty of suction


I have had this vac for about 1.5 years now and I love it. I am a small person so the fact that it is lightweight is a plus. Yet, it has a strong suction, working equally well on bare floors as on various kinds of carpets. It is easy to use. easy to clean and easy to store. Maneuverability I have no problems steering it and it goes easily under tables, etc. Ease of Maintenance I empty the chamber where the dirt goes each time to keep it at top notch working order. Easily comes off of the machine and a finger tip release is all it takes to empty the chamber. Occasionally I wipe down the inner part to clear any debris from the air holes. Suction Performance I have a dark patterned rug in the bedroom which my older, heavier, more expensive vac never could get clean. With the WindTunnel air it is always cleaned. I never have to pick little pieces of lint off of it. Versatility It works well on all of my floors and is light enough for me to carry up and down stairs. The accessory piece is OK, but not as useful as I'd like it to be. Design Other than the accessory piece always falling off the basic design is simple and works well for me. Durability So far it works as well today as it did when I got it a year ago Christmas. I have no complains. It still looks the same as well.

Glenwood, IL


Surprisingly awesome.


Don't let the sleek design fool you, this is one powerful vacuum cleaner. The pet fur attachment has a lint brush type of finish which make it great for picking up hair/fur. Maneuverability So much better than the older vacuums that were heavy and cumbersome. This maneuvers around furniture without having to pull and lift to move it. The power cord is 30' so it lets you clean a large area before changing outlets With it's telescopic handle it makes it less backbreaking for taller individuals and much easier for shorter folks like myself. Ease of Maintenance I love the way it empties. A push of a button and the bottom of the canister opens and the dirt drops right into the trash. The two filters are washable and easy to get to. Everything comes apart easily to wash/wipe and clean. Suction Performance The suction is so much more than expected. My last vacuum was a big thing and I didn't think the Hoover would be as powerful but to my delight it was more. It always amazes me at the amount of sand, dirt and stuff that it picks up Versatility The vacuum can be used under tables without issue because the handle can be lowered all the way to the floor. The attachments are the only drawback. Unlike other vacuums where you just pick up the hose to use the attachments, you have to disconnect the hose, attach the other hose, take out the handle and attach the hose to the handle. Once all that is done the attachments work fine plus using the handle gives you more stability and for me is easier to hold. The beater brush can be turned off for non-carpeted floors which for me is a plus. Nothing hurts more than little pieces of sand being thrown at you at high speed from the beater brush on your vacuum. Design I love the design. It's more compact than some and just looks sleeker. It is smaller so it can be put away in places bigger ones can't fit. The attachments have a place on the back of the vacuum and the crevice tool fits inside the dusting/upholstery tool for easy storing. Durability It seems just as sturdy as most. The plastic doesn't feel brittle or frail.

Rockland, MA


Good Value


For the price it's a good buy and does the job. I have mostly wood floors with area rugs and it works great on both. I wish the cord was a little longer but the overalll results are really good. Light weight and easy to handle. I have a dog and would suggest for other pet owners

Ringgold, GA


Easy to use, light weight, and awesome!


Just bought this vacuum a few weeks ago and have been very impressed. Second vacuum I've ever owned and it looks like I'll be sticking with it for a while. It has great suction to get every visible and invisible piece of dirt off the carpet. Love that it's bagless and super easy to dump. Extra tools makes it handy to clean hard to get places.



Is Hoover good brand? Absolutely NOT


It is noisy and uncomfortably loud. The wind tunnel fell apart and and whistles. I have had to use stretch cords to keep it together. Maneuverability It is ok, but very heavy. Ease of Maintenance It is easy to empty the container, but a nusiance to remove the stretch cord and then replace it after emptying the containerl Suction Performance I cleans both carpet and hard floors well. Versatility It can be used on both carpet and hard floors Design The dirt cup must be attached with a stretchable cord to keep the machine from screaming loudly. Durability I had problems with the dirt cup the very first time I used it.

Reklaw, TX


Great suction, but not a good pet vacuum.


This vacuum can really pick up the hair. What I didn't like was the cannister would clog with dog hair. It wasn't even close to being full. The dog hair would get caught in the belt of the roller tool and jam. Personally, I prefer a bagged vacuum. This was my first bagless and I was not impressed. The motor would get hot and I didn't want to retract the cord, because I was afraid it would melt. Like I said, it wasn't near full. Maneuverability This vacuum was much lighter than my old Eureka and moved pretty easily. Ease of Maintenance The cannister was not easy to empty. I had to reach in and pull the pet hair out. Putting the cannister back on was a little difficult. It had to be aligned just right. Suction Performance The suction was great until the cannister/wind tunnel clogged which was almost always. Versatility There were several tools that were good. My favorite was the powered hand held roller. Durability I like the vacuum, but with it not taking much for the it to clog, I don't think it would last very long. The belt on the hand held roller brush would probably break after a few months, especially when pet hair would get caught in it.

Independence, MO


Light Weight and Great Suction!!


This vacuum is so light weight!! You can carry it with you anywhere. The only thing that is a little confusing is that you have two start buttons. One to turn the vacuum on, and one to turn on the brushes. Suction Performance Top notch!!! The best suction I have ever had on a vacuum!! Design The only thing I don't like is having to connect the hose. It is not always attached like other vacuums.

Greenfield, MA


Is a product I would reccomend and buy again.


I bought this Vacuum Cleaner because of it's ability to pick up hair. I was pleasantly surprised that it actually did what it claims to do.It is easy to assemble and easy to clean. The tools have on board storage , so you are never looking for them and there is never a need to guy or change bags. I love this product. Maneuverability Very easy to maneuver this machine. Ease of Maintenance Never a need to change bags and the belt has not worn out in over a yr. Suction Performance Has better suction then any other vacuum I have used. Design The On board tolls makes it easy to use. Durability I have not had to replace any parts on it in over a yr with daily use and there are most hoover repair shop in most areas if a problem does arise.

Springfield, OH


Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright with Bonus Pet Tools

4.3 9