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Hoover Upright Steam Cleaner

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I've had my Hoover Upright Steam for at least five years and it still does a fine job. Its easy to use and has a long cord so there's no starting and stopping for my large family room. My only complaint would be that I have a dog who sheds quite a bit and sometimes the hair gets stuck in the clear water extractor and it looks bad. I can take it apart, but its time consuming. I have recommended this to several people and they have been satisfied too.

Owensboro, KY


Good and durable vacuum cleaner for the occasional cleaning


This vacuum cleaner allows to clean the carpets rather quickly. It is possible to use it on the wooden floors, but don't expect it to actually clean your floors - it will be more like "wash and wipe" action. Overall good quality and durability. Maneuverability A bit heavy to maneuver Ease of Maintenance Easy to clean and assemble Suction Performance Quite powerful cleaning function Versatility Functions just fine. Design It is a machine with a modern design. Durability Very durable.

New York, NY


My Hoover Steamvac Has Been a Life Saver


I would not trade my Hoover steam Vac for any steamvac on the market. Before I got it I borrowed my daughter-in-laws shampooer. She had a very pricey carpet shampooer. I will not mention the brand, but is was one of those that you had to hook up to the kitchen sink faucet. Too much hassel for me. However it did clean ok. I tried out my mom's shampooer also.I do not remember her brand. Well I decided to take my chances and bought my Hoover. I was very nervous about spending that much money  with out seeing it in action. I have to say that after using it on my carpet I was delighted. It is very easy to handle and it cleans very well. I remember the first time I used it I was horrified at the water I emptied out of the collection tank. I thought I had kept my carpet clean but by the looks of that water it was not. The water was a dark grey. Yuck! You measure out the shampoo and poor it and your hot water into the top tank. There is a button on the upper handle that when pushed,it despences the solution on the carpet. The rotating brushes do most of the work. Once you have enough shampoo on the carpet ,you release the button. After running the shampooer over your carpet in a push and pull motion and you are satisfied the carpet is clean you turn it off. You do this in a squared area about 4x4ft, until you have covered the whole room.The dirty water on the carpet is sucked up into a collection tank under the top tank. You empty the collection tank when the machine gives you a signal that it is full. It is amazing how clean my Hoover Steamvac gets my carpet. It is almost dry as soon as I finish. It only takes a few hours for it to be completely dry.

Rocky Mount, NC


Hoover Upright Steam Cleaner

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