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Bagged Upright Vacuums
Hoover TurboPower WindTunnel Bagged Vacuum

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Keeps on Ticking!


This Wind Tunnel vacuum works great and no matter how hard I am on it, it just keeps running. I like the fact that it has a long cord and several attachments. The end-attachments fit into a clear compartment above the bag compartment. The flexible hose on the back is wide and easily coils up. The handle sits high so I don't have to bend over to vacuum. The suction power is good and there's a knob on the front that adjusts how far off the floor the vacuum sits. There's a micro-filtration filter that sits inside a hinged door on the side of the vacuum. I think I've only changed it once. One of the prongs that hold the long attachment tubes has broken off of mine so I can't store them on the vacuum. It's frustrating to have to keep them in a separate place but since the vacuum works so well, I put up with the hassle. Maneuverability This vacuum doesn't turn sharp corners very well. The handle comes down when you step on a lever on the back of the base. It's difficult to maneuver on stairs since the base is wide and deep. It doesn't sit well on one step while I use the attachments on other steps. Ease of Maintenance It's easy to change bags although it can be tricky to get the hole in the bag to slide over the vent hole on the vacuum. I've changed the belt underneath a couple times and that is pretty easy. Suction Performance I've been satisfied with the way this vacuum picks up dirt. The attachment tubes have a lot of suction as well. Versatility I like the varied attachments that come with this vacuum. They help me clean in tight spots, narrow spaces and hard-to-reach heights. It comes with two long, straight tubes that attach to the flexible tubing and 3 end-attachments (brush, pointed and narrow). Design This vacuum is wide at the base to it's difficult for me to fit it into my closet easily. There's a prong on the back of the handle that swivels 360 degrees and allows the cord to wrap up for storage. Durability I've honestly wanted a reason to buy another vacuum but this one just keeps on ticking and doesn't die!

Marion, IA


good but a bit strange


this one does a pretty good job, but... thye tube gets clogged offen enaugh to make me crazy (due to it's curvy construction(at the base of the tube, where it enters the vacuum body)). Also it has a strange wind blowing from the behind of this vacuum, making dust go away from the cleaner.

Port Jefferson, NY


Hoover Wind Tunnel has Power!


Because I have allergies, we were looking for a vacuum with a hepa filter. At the time the Hoover Wind Tunnel was the most reasonalby priced of the hepa filter vacuums that had the other features we wanted. We were amazed at the suction that it had compared to our old upright Hoover that used bags. The first time we vacuumed what looked like a relatively clean wool carpet, half the dirt cup was full of cat hair, loose fibers, and dust. My allergies improved almost immediately. Because we do have a cat, we replace the hepa filter a little more often than annually, but it's well worth it to us.

Christiansburg, VA


Love the Hoover WindTunnel sweeper.


My vacuum cleaner stopped woring and I needed a new one. I was looing for a good economical vacuum cleaner which was easy to use. I shopped around and compared models and prices. After narrowing my choices down I finally came to a decision. The Hoover WindTunnel was the vacuum I chose. It had all the feature I needed. It had a brus that could be adjusted for carpet, wood, or tile floors and it did a wonderful job of cleaning all three. It had a tool storage right on the sweeper. The front light made it easy to see where you were vacuuming. It had a Hepa filter. The belts were easy to get to and easy to replace. It has a self propel feature that makes vacuuming quite easy. The sweeper bags are readily available in many stores.The most important thing was that the price was quite reasonable.

Mount Wolf, PA


Hoover gets the dirt up


**Hoover U5444-900 WIND TUNNEL UPRIGHT VACUUM** does a decent job getting up the dirt. I've had this vacuum now for 5 years and it still is working well to pick up dirt. Getting up dog hair though is a horse of a different color. This **HOOVER** doesn't get the dog hair up as well as it gets the dirt up. The power switch broke on this vacuum in the 4th year of ownership, so it won't turn on or off, however you can make it run by plugging it in.  So that was quite disappointing. **Hoover U5444-900 WIND TUNNEL UPRIGHT VACUUM** is a bagged vacuum and the way the body of this vacuum is designed  you have to fold the type Y bag over a couple of times on top and bottom , which  limits the amount of dirt the vacuum bag can hold. Meaning you will spend more on vacuum bags b/c they fill up really fast. I have always been a Hoover person but this vacuum leaves me a little disappointed, to be honest. The filters on this vacuum can be washed and reused, so that is economical. **Hoover U5444-900 WIND TUNNEL** goes through vacuum belts pretty quickly and I am not vacuuming many rugs with my vacuum because I have almost all tile floors, so I don't understand why the belts are wearing out so quickly. When you use the hand tools with this vacuum the vacuum falls over all the time and usually hits you on the back or on the head, so that is another down side to this vacuum. It may be because of the way the hose is attached to the upright vacuum. Perhaps it's too short ? Or it's a design flaw?  Would I recommend **Hoover U5444-900 WIND TUNNEL ** to my family and friends? no Would I purchase another **Hoover** Vacuum ? absolutely I still believe in the **Hoover** brand. Hopefully my next Hoover will prove to me that Hoover still has what it takes to compete at the top of the vacuum market. I have a 30 year old hand held Hoover vacuum that works just about as good as the day we bought it ! My dad has the same hand held vacuum by Hoover and his vacuum works like a charm. The **Hoover U5444-900 WIND TUNNEL UPRIGHT VACUUM** only gets 3 stars.  

El Paso, TX


Hoover TurboPower WindTunnel Bagged Vacuum

4.2 5