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Bagged Upright Vacuums
Hoover TurboPower WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum


The HooverTurbo Anniversary Edition Windtunnel Self Propelled Bagged Upright comes with the patented Windtunnel Technology to remove the hidden deep down dirt that other vacuums leave behind. The self-propelled feature gives you nearly effortless maneuverability in both forward and reverse motion, but Includes a manual override if needed. The non-maring wheels come with bearings which make it easier to push on carpets and safe to use on bare floors. The Allergen Filtration with Hepa Filter helps trap 100% of dust mites, ragweed, and common grass pollens. The Ergonomic D-grip gives you the confort needed when cleaning your carpet. The Powered Pet Hair Tool has Windtunnel Technology and rotating brushes to easily remove pet hair and dirt from stairs and upholstry. All this and a three year warranty on the motor and parts.

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Great overall vaccum


We love this vacuum. We have a dog that sheds and this works great and keeps the carpet looking and smelling clean. I love that it is bagged so I don't have to see all the stuff it has picked up around my house. Maneuverability It works great. My only complaint would be that it is kind of heavy. The weight makes it difficult to vacuum the stairs and carrying it up and down the stairs can be awkward. Ease of Maintenance The bag is very easy to replace. It even kind of seals it's self shut so the dust and dog hair do not spill out when you are disposing of the bag. We have long hair in this house so we do have to clean the roller after a few uses, but that would be expected with any vacuum. Suction Performance It has always done a great job with pet hair. I feel like it even keeps the house smelling good. Some peoples homes smell like dog, but this vacuum really helps with that. Versatility There are some attachments, that are pretty standard. Some the of attachments do not stay on when being used. They do not lock on as I have seen in other brands. Design The only thing I would complain about is the attachments. Durability This vacuum has worked great for 5 years. It still works great.



I love the ease and convience it affords me


Amazing to operate and the pet tools make cleaning the furniture real easy Maneuverability moves easily Ease of Maintenance the canister snaps right out everyting can be rinsed off Suction Performance exceptional Versatility easily moved up stairs Design like it very much Durability dropped it by accident and it was a survivor

Las Vegas, NV


Works well, a pain to check belt and clean


I have found that the Hoover vac does a good job of cleaning on multiple surfaces, but, having 2 bhgs (big, hairy dogs) I have to clean the entrance to the suction area on occasion...usually no big deal on a vac, but on Hoovers, you have to remove 2 screws to get the bottom piece off...what a pain! Maneuverability Can go 'flat' to get under certain pieces of furniture, but the profile is still way too high for most. Ease of Maintenance Total pain to clear suction entrance! Suction Performance Does the job. Versatility On-board tools Design Why would a designer put screws in an area that should be quickly and easily accessed for cleaning???? Durability Have been using for quite some time, with no perceptible change in performance.

Ft Mitchell, KY


Hoover TurboPower WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum

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