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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Bagless Vacuum UH70200

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Hard working for the price and still works after 1 year!


Our family goes through vacuum cleaners just about every year - Expensive ones like Rainbow, Filter Queen, Oreck and cheap ones too numerous to mention. We have 7 kids. Hope that explains a lot. I have had my Hoover WindTunnel now for 1 year and it is still going strong. I have no fantasies that it will last me another year given our high volume of dirt and debris, however, for the price, this little baby works great. PROS: I love that I don't need bags. So easy to dump out. Don't have to mess with water. The suction is quite acceptable and gets up fine, hidden dust. Can take a beating . . . so far. I know it will die someday, but I am definitely getting my money's worth out of this one. Clear container so that you can see right away if the suction is still working or not. CONS: Sometimes things get stuck in the hoses and everything backs up unless you pay attention and notice that nothing is swirling in the container. If so, stop the machine and get out whatever is in the hoses. Can be a little tricky because I sometimes have to turn the entire thing upside down over the trash can and it is heavy. Wide base which can be good or bad depending on how much you need to clean and what you need to maneuver around and under. We don't have much space in our house so I sometimes have to lift it over areas in order to get it across the room. Overall, it cleans, works hard, and is still working as of this very moment. I am grateful for that and will buy another one as soon as this ones goes (nothing lasts forever).


Taylors, SC


I Love the Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum


I love the Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum! It works great and the bagless dirt catcher is easy to remove and empty each time you use it. It has a lot of power and is not too heavy making it pretty easy to carry upstairs. I havae not had any problems with it and have had it for over a year. I dont recommend it for a big house though as I dont think it would last as long as other vacuums. For apartments and small homes this one is great. I have not had any problem with the suction power and performance is good. The filters are washable which is an added plus. I vacuum almost everyday and this vacuum does the job. I like the color as well and it is nice to look at as far as vacuums go. The cord does tend to go under the vacuum at times so you have to be careful when that happends. I would recommend it to anyone who has a small home and give it four satrs. I have had vacuums that I liked better but did not last as long as this one.


New Egypt, NJ


eh, the wind tunnel vacuum works, but not exceptionally well


ok, so i have a toddler, a baby, a cat, and a husband so you can imagine the messes we get around our home. after all the hype and sales pitches i heard for the hoover wind tunnel vacuum i figured it would work wonders on getting all those bits of crushed up cereal and cat fur out of the carpet with ease. not so. while yes, it did pick up the major stuff and all, it left a lot to be desired as far as really good suction. it took several passes (upwards of 4 over the same area) to get the carpet decent and we have low pile carpeting. the hose attachments didn't seem to have hardly any suction at all and they kept falling off the vacuum. we opted to go ahead and keep the vacuum, but after a month of normal use and proper maintenace per the manual the vacuum's suction dropped even more and it would harldy pick up anything. not only did it not have the suction and perfomance we expected, it was a bit bulky and akward to steer in small areas and in and around furniture. think the vaccum was more hype that performance and would not reccommend it to anyway who really wants to get their carpet very clean.


Odessa, TX


I really like the Hoover wind tunnel uh70200 vacuum


I am now on my second Hoover Wind Tunnel uh70200 vacuum. This vacuum has great suction. I like the hand tools especially the rotating head one, it is great for the furniture and steps. I feel like it really picks up dirt well. It is easy to clean. I find that it is easy to manuver around my furniture.


Savannah, MO


Love the Hoover Wind Tunnel!!


This vacuum is GREAT! Very strong suction all the time, good attachments, long hose, and cool extras like a zippy little cord winder-upper. The upholstry attachment is especially amazing and does a FANTASTIC job of getting pet hair and little bits of dirt off of our couches and pillows. The canister is easy to empty, but the first time I tried to empty it I got a little dirty because I didn't quite have it down yet. The noise level is comparable to other vacuums of this size - not especially quiet, but not overly loud either. It is a nice weight and easy to handle as I move around the house. The only thing that I would say Hoover needs to improve upon is that when I'm holding on to the accordion hose, it sometimes pinches my finger if I'm not holding on to the solid part of the attachment piece, but that could just be user error rather than design flaw. Overall, I would highly recommend it and I absolutely love it!


Wilmington, NC


Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum saves me a headache


My husband actually listened when I complained about having to buy filters for my vacuum! I received a Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum UH70200 on Christmas and put it together myself today! It took about 5 minutes to assemble and the directions were very easy to follow. I love the fact that the cord rewinds with the touch of a button, dislike that the cord gets underneath because it doesn't have a handle notch to hold it up. Love that the handle folds down for easy storage. LOVE the fact the filter is washable and never needs to be replaced. My husband said that was what sold him on the vacuum to begin with. I love animals and have two dogs, two cats, a ferret and a beta fish. My husband and I also enjoy our own hair that reaches below our belts. The Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum UH70200 did a great job on cleaning my carpets and the proof was in the swirls of hair clinging to the filter! I vacuum regularly but I had the hardest time trying to find a filter for my old vacuum. I'm looking forward to years of use from my new vacuum and passing my old one down to my youngest daughter. Let her have the headaches of trying to find filters!


Louisville, TN


Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Bagless Vacuum UH70200

3.8 6