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Carpet Steam Cleaners
Hoover SteamVac Supreme Carpet Extractor

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works great..must have


This vacuum is amazing. It cleans the carpet and takes out any stain I may have. Unlike other vacuums, this one has two tanks, 1 for dirty water and 1 for clean water. Everyone with carpets should have this hoover steam vac.

Brooklyn, NY


Hoover steam vacs are too heavy


The hoover steam vac. works just ok.  I would like to see more power with the scrub brushes.  Meaning that it needs to work a little harder to get out those stains and if you push down the brushes stop spinning altogether.  It's also very heavy.  I have an older model and have seen the newer ones but I know they have leaking problems.  It's still better than others for the price.

Mineral City, OH


Hoover Steam Vac is a life saver!


I wasn't sure when I bought my Hoover Stem Vac if I would really get my money's worth out of it.  Well, let me tell you I have gottten more than my money's worht out of it.  I have used it on my carpets about every season change and inbetween seasons too.  My family  doesn't all ways remember to clean their shoes before they come in the house.  Not to worry any more.  all I have to do is get out my trusty Hoover  and in no time I have clean carpets again.  I don't really have to do the entire carpet each time I only have to clean the well traveled areas.  You homemakers out there know what I mean.  Anyway I just hope  everyone buys a Hoover Stem Vac  so thy too can have a clean carpet like me.

Hurlock, MD


This Hoover SteamVac is amazing!


I am a neat freak and I like to have clean carpets but my fiance likes to wear his shoes in the house as he brings in all his work bags and lunch box.  My finance is a conductor for CSX so needless to say his shoes aren't the cleanest and the living room carpet was starting to look black in areas so I decided to borrow my sister's carpet cleaner which was a Hoover SteamVac and now I am sold on it and will be buying my own soon.  It has 3 powers for the spinning brushes, connector for corners and couches, and it has a power shot for extra cleaner to shoot out on the high traffic areas.  I only had to go over my carpet once with the exception of going over the high traffic areas for about 5 minutes and my carpet is snowy white again. This is by far the best carpet cleaner I have used and I wouldn't recommend anything else.

Huntington, WV


A MUST HAVE for any home...Works Great!!


This is a must have for any house.  Carpet gets dirty SO fast, and this is the perfect and easy way to clean it.The hoover steamvac has 2 tanks, one for clean water and one for dirty.As opposed to those who have one tank for both this works SO much betterI have tried the bissel pro heat and it doesn't even pick up water well, or have 2 tanks.Very good deal for the price..I clean houses for a living part time and I would recommend the hoover steamvac to all

Glendale, AZ


Hoover SteamVac Supreme Carpet Extractor

4.4 5