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Hoover SteamVac Agility Carpet Cleaner

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A great affordable steam cleaner.


This steam cleaner is great for any size home.  It really gets the carpets and rugs clean and is easy to handle and prepare.  The spin brushes are out of this world, nothing compares to this product's efficiency.  Everyone in my home has allergies and this really helps clean our floors.  I am quite satisfied with this product. 

Aventura, FL


sheila says seniors need this hoover agility shampooer


This hoover agility shampooer is the greatest for seniors or handicapped people -- the asset of the tanks being side by side and easy to remove to empty and filling purposes , it rolls easy ,the hose attaches quick and easy - if you can use an upright sweeper you can use the hoover agility with ease ,no reason for dirty carpets or car . since it is hard to find i wish to buy another and have on hand as i don't want another kind when and if i have to bury this one my daughter bought one as she liked mine so much Maneuverability rolls with easily one hand with bad knees that's a must Ease of Maintenance husband took it apart and removed a clogged area Suction Performance hasn't lost any suction and still the same as when new Versatility the comparison is to enormous -i had another shampooer and it won't stand up to the hoover agility Design tanks side by side makes taking care of them a breeze Durability i bought one of the first ones put on the shelves the F6205 series and it is still working fine this saves money by not having to replace them all the time

Greenville, OH


Hoover Agility Upright. Poor desing, Poor performance


Don't be fooled. I am a mechanical engineer (over 30 years experience in design and manufacturing) and I must say this is a piece of junk. 1. The handle lock for holding the handle in the upright position, sticks and fails to lock. 2. Won't do the basic job of cleaning the floor. Constantly clogs and needs cleaning and won't create enough suction even when perfectly clean. 3. Accessories fall off their holders on the vacuum when you are using it. 4. Accessories break because they are designed and manufactured like toys. 5. Bag-less design is hard to dump out. Creates a huge cloud of dust when you dump it and debris gets stuck inside the collection vessel and you have to dig it out with your hands. 6. Bag-less design leaves the internal filtration clogged at all times. Unless you own a shop air compressor you will never get it clean. 7. The cord is so short you can't even do one room without an extension cord. Best of luck finding a really good vacuum. Dave

Beaverton, OR


Hoover SteamVac Agility Carpet Cleaner

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