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Hoover Slider Rechargeable Broom Vacuum

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Hoover Vacuums - Hoover Slider is convenient


The hoover slider vacuum is a pretty convenient way to clean up the small messes that i come accross in my daily routine with three children all under five years of age.  I would not reccomend the hoover slider vacuum for the bigger messes as it is not going to cut the mustard, but for little things i must say that i do like it.  If you were to buy on of these hoover slider vacuums for yourself,  i wouldn't throw away my bigger household vacuum just yet.  Also, while we are on the topic for the budget conscious, this is more of a supplemental vacuum than the type of vacuum you would use for your entire house or apartment.  If you wanted to just own one vacuum, do not, i repeat, do not buy this.  It will only help you out in the case of smaller messes.  If you tried to clean your entire house or apartment with a hoover slider vacuum of this size, i promise you will be at it all day long and then some.

Afton, IA


very effective, light-weighted and cute


HOOVER SLIDER is very effective with small tasks (f.e. if you drop some ashe on the carpet or rug. Itis not good for hard floors. It is good to be brought to any place in the house, because it is cordless and very light. It has a very comfortable control and can be stopped any moment just by light handle movement

Los Angeles, CA


It worked well, but didn't last.


The Hoover Slider worked well while it lasted.  It picked up lots of dirt and was easy to empty.  The problem was that it stopped working after a few months out of nowhere.  It started making a loud noise and would not pick up dirt.  Although I usually think of Hoover as a relaible brand, I unfortunately cannot recommend this product.

Aventura, FL


Hoover Slider Rechargeable Broom Vacuum

3.7 3