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Carpet Steam Cleaners
Hoover Quick & Light Carpet Washer

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Super carpet washer


For the money, I think this is an excellent choice in carpet washers and shampooers. This carpet washer gets all fresh spots up really easily. It cleans most old spots too. It even gets up red koolaid from light carpet, which is really a plus in my house! It's easy to use, makes the carpet feel and look like new, and is a cost-efficient choice. The only thing I could think of that would be better is an industrial strength carpet cleaner, which is much too expensive.

Goodwater, AL


Hoover Steam Vac gets the dirt out.


My Cairn Terrier had given birth to three puppies that I could not give up and with puppies comes accidents. Our berber carpet was always needing to be spot cleaned in the first place because my husband works on cars by profession and as a hobby. Besides the husband, this is a household that has many kids coming in and out of the house all the time. My brother in law offered us the use of his Hoover SteamVac. I was skeptical about what it could do but I tried it. I did not like that the water coming out was not steaming so I decided to boil the water and the before and after was amazing. I did not remember the carpet being such a light color when we put it in 10 years ago. Since we borrowed this from my brother in law he put in all wood floors so he gave the machine to us. I love owning it now because it is quite simple to pull out and hit small or large spots when it happens. This is not a super deep cleaning vacuum but it's great to use in between the two times a year that we rent the professional machines.  

South Lyon, MI


Hoover Steamvac Is Great For Carpet Cleaning!


I bought this Hoover Steamvac when I got 2 puppies to help clean up after there mess and indeed this carpet cleaner did the job and I ended up useing this to clean all the carpet in my home. I used 409 carpet cleaner to presoak the stains in my carpet and I mixxed hot water and oxyclean in the tank. . .I let in soak in the carpet for 20 minutes and then went over the carpet with this Hoover carpet cleaner and it did the job GREAT! I didnt have to go over the carpet excesively, a few times over each area of the carpet was all I needed to do. It sucks up the water soaked in the carpet good, it scrubbs the carpet pretty good too. The only things I wasnt too fond of was that the brissles on the carpet cleaner could be a little longer to help scubb better, but they are definatly hard enough and will last. I also wasnt too fond of the fact that when cleaning carpet, some "lint" or whatever its called comes out of the carpet and it gets stuck in the part of the vacume that sucks up the water, so after a while of useing this cleaner, it dosent suction up the water in the carpet as good as it once used too. Also the screws dont want to stay in, they come out EVERYTIME I use it.

Spring Valley, CA


Hoover Quick & Light Carpet Washer

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