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Hoover Platinum LiNX Cordless Hand Vacuum

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The Hoover Platinum Hand Vac is the best hand vac I've used


I admit that I don't have extensive experience with hand vacs. I just remember using my mom's old dust buster back in the day and it would run out of power in a matter of seconds, then back to the charging stand it would go. This Hoover Platinum Hand Vac is the first one that I have actually owned. However, I did a lot of shopping around and researching before I made the purchase. I wanted one that was easy to get out and vacuums up crumbs and small things in between vacuuming with my full-size vacuum. While narrowing down my choices for a hand vac, I decided that cordless was key to the convenience that I was looking for. I also decided that I liked the idea of a removable battery. It seems like a lot of cordless vacuums have the problem of the battery not holding a charge after a while. With a removable battery, if that becomes a problem, you can just get a new battery, rather than a whole new vacuum. There are not very many hand vacs that offer a removable battery right now. I was also intrigued by the lithium ion battery with this vacuum, rather than the lesser and more standard battery for hand vacs. I finally decided to splurge for this hand vac, which really is a splurge considering the rather high price tag. I have had it for several months now. I haven't had a problem with it holding a charge. It runs for a quite a while without charging. I think the product description boasts 15 minutes or so of run time and I believe it. That is a long time for a cordless hand vac. It obviously does not replace a corded or full-size vacuum, but it sure is handy for little jobs, like the crumbs under my kid's chair. It does not have a stand or dock to place it on, but that hasn't been a problem for me. You can tell when it is almost out of power because it just doesn't suck up as much as it usually does (and also it has the leds to gauge your power supply). Overall, I am happy with it, although I do wish it wasn't so expensive.

Lehi, UT


Hoover Platinum LiNX Cordless Hand Vacuum

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