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Hoover Platinum Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum

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Not very good


When I first got this vacuum cleaner I was pretty happy with it. Unfortunately after about three months it wasn't cleaning as well as at the beginning. Suction is terrible, After few months of using it started giving weired sounds... I'm using this vacuum 3 times a week, sometimes more often, but it takes much longer to clean two bedroom apartment now, then it was before.



My awesome vacuum


From cleaning my house to cleaning other people's houses, I do a lot of cleaning. I have had other vacuums that do not clean as good as this one does. I needed to find a vacuum that was good at picking up stuff off of the floor. It needed to have really good suction. This vacuum has really good suction. My other vacuums use a bag and I hated to buy the bags and to change the bags out. This one fits all of my needs. I wanted a canister vacuum along with it being bagless. My ten year old daughter likes to vacuum all of the time now because it is a really good vacuum. Even my husband who has not vacuumed in years said this is the best vacuum he has ever used.

Mount Morris, MI


Great suction


This vacuum has Powerful suction and does a great job! I liked the way the motorized head moved around furniture. The vacuum is quite heavy though and I needed something that would be easy to use on stairs. Unfortunately I had to return it because I had to struggle quite a bit to remove the power handle from the hose. Great vacuum but the one I ordered had an issue.

Saint Peters, MO


Nice Valcuum


I purchased this product and was amzed at how it cleans. I have not had any problems with it and it was worth the money I paid for it. If you are looking for a vacuum to clean your home then I suggest picking this one up and enjoying how it cleans and do not leave any spills behin.

Memphis, TN


hoover was a great buy


We recently purchased the Hoover for our 4 children to use. This Vacuum in particular is very easy to use for even our 5 year old. Our children actually enjoy cleaning when it comes time to Vacuum. It is very flexible to use, we enjoy the hose attachement to reach hard to reach corners and edges. The Bagless canister is easy to remove to empty and to put back into place. I would definitely recommend purchase of this Vacuum.  

San Antonio, TX


The cyclonic is light and convienient to use, truly awesome.


          When I bought my hoover I thought of it as a "untill I can afford a better one", kind of vacuum. And from the moment I plugged it in and started vacuuming my room, I was amazed. I Live with Two other guys and we're not exactly the cleanest people in the world, and now that I bought my cyclonic, it's starting to mess with that reputation... Thanks Hoover  

Boise, ID


Hoover S3865 bagless canister cyclonic vacuum is a valuable tool


This vacuum has literally lowered the dust, dander and dirt by 90% in my home. I would not go back to a bagged vacuum now that I have one. You just vacuum and then take it outside and literally clean out all the debris that this hoover S3865 bagless canister cyclonic vacuum picks up!

Crosby, TX


Hoover Platinum Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum

3.9 7