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Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner with Bonus Solution

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Thought it was going to be better


This machine was purchased to replace an existing carpet cleaner that I had for years. The old model was given to my mother. We bought this new one, and I was a bit disappointed that the suction was not nearly as efficient as the previous, cheaper model. It left the carpets wetter and leaked out the back when you let the arm down. I also noticed that it wasn't cleaning stained areas as well. I really thought the roto scrubbers would do a better job, but I guess I was wrong. It does have an upholstery wand, which is nice when you want to clean a couch or chairs. I think they should improve this model and we consumers really expect more when shelling out this kind of money. I would not recommend this cleaner just on the fact alone that it leaves carpets this wet. That is not healthy and can really damage your home and your investments. Maneuverability Large and clunky. Ease of Maintenance Easy to put and dump water. Suction Performance Not pleased. Versatility Carpets and Upholstery. Design It looks like it would clean well, and then when you get home, nope. Durability I don't see this one lasting a long time.




Love it but wish they had customer service to assist.


I have read so many reviews about so many vacuums when looking. The best reviews I saw were for this one the internet and I am soo glad I got it! We loved it! OF course, like anything else, I hate that I have to clean it every time we use it otherwise, this product works like professional products I have seen! Quick dry (make sure you use it correctly per instructions) ... clean and spray going forward and then let lever go and pull back to extract and dry! Love this! We use it regularly and have owned it for over 2 years now! The only thing I am super disappointed in is that the container of the vacuum that holds the water and cleaning solution ... the little plastic at the bottom that controls the outflow is broken. It HAS been broken not too long after we had used the vacuum and no matter how many times I have tried to call to get Hoover customer service (per the sticker on the vacuum), I have NEVER been able to reach anyone. I am constantly on hold listening to the IVR and I have yet to get anyone to find out about how to get a replacement part or whatever it was I needed. With that small plastic part broken on the bottom of the tank or container, the flow of the solution and water is extremely wasteful and I feel ripped off. Otherwise, the performance is great. Hoover obviously sucks with customer service and you are not able to even get through and contact anyone even during MANY business hours EST. Ridiculous. Ease of Maintenance Clean all the small parts and the big. Take it apart to ensure clean parts and long usage. Just be careful with parts and to not break them otherwise, you will NEVER be able to get a hold of anyone to get replacement parts or service. Also, good cleaning prevents mildew build up and smell. Durability hate that I can't get replacement parts, I looked in their catalog and they do not even have what I need aside from the fact I cannot ever contact customer service because it puts you on listening to music as hold and never gets you to a rep. YES! I have hold on the phone for an hour at a time. And I believe one time I left a message for a call back. Nothing ... no one. UGH!


Charlotte, NC


It really does deep clean and saves you lots of time!


When we got the carpet cleaner out of the box it came with a few pieces to assemble. It was very easy to assemble and the directions were very clear. My son quickly seen that one compartment was marked detergent and the other water, so it was very easy to set up. We had a little fun and really wanted to put our new carpet shampooer to the test. I had my son color with marker on a piece of scrap carpet. I gave him some ravioli and orange juice that he spilled on the carpet. He thought this was too much fun! We rubbed it in to the carpet and then picked up any large pieces of food. After going over the carpet several times, all of the stains actually came out! We love that the carpet was dry so quickly. This is so important especially when you have children. No wet socks! The 60 counter rotating brushes really do their job when removing the stains. The trigger to wash was so convenient and it was very easy to move across the carpet. I love that it separates the clean and dirty water. It was also very easy to fill, empty, and clean. We give this deep carpet cleaner an A+! We were quite impress after it cleaned the mess we had made!




Ideal for deep cleaning!


The Hoover MaxExtract is for heavy duty cleaning - the kind you would devote the day to accomplish. We have a townhome with a mix of rugs and wall to wall carpet, and we found that the MaxExtract got the job done nicely using water pressure to wet the carpet fibers then suck the water back up into the machine. You can see the dirt in the water so you know it is working, and the carpets were visibly cleaner. This is a substitute for the kind of cleaners you would rent at the hardware or grocery store. Definitely recommend if you have a home that is large enough to store an appliance you will use only occasionally. I work at Viewpoints and wrote this more extensive review including video which you can read here: http://www.viewpoints.com/thegoods/Hoover-MaxExtract-60-PressurePro-Carpet-Washer-Review Maneuverability This vacuum comes with attachments to use on stairs and tight places since the unit itself is fairly large. The machine is substantial but was not difficult to use. Ease of Maintenance There are compartments for the solution (a small bottle provided) and the water which are easy to reach and empty. You need to empty fairly often, however, so be prepared for that. I have only used the vacuum once so beyond that, cannot comment on repair history, etc. Suction Performance Very good suction. In fact, when I got near the edge of my wool rug, the machine almost choked on it. You can also hear the power. Versatility Worked on Flor tiles in my entryway and kitchen, a rug in my living room (on wood floors) as well as carpeted stairs. Design No issues. It seems to be well thought-out in terms of where the levers are and compartments for water/solution. The cord was long enough, but not too long. Looks like a vacuum cleaner, but sleek. Durability This is a difficult area to grade because I've used the appliance once only but with the name of Hoover you have to assume if will stand the test of time!




This machine extracts the soil and brightens the carpet easily.


This machine cleans and brightens the carpet while drying quickly. The water is heated which helps to remove soil and stains. Maneuverability This machine is very easy to handle while cleaning. The attachment for the stairs is onboard and with the long hose,it reaches up the straircase. Ease of Maintenance So easy to take apart to rinse the resovoir . Also a breeze to fill the tank with solution and water. Suction Performance The water is removed while the heat helps to dry the carpets. This makes for quick drying time as well. Versatility This can be used on carpets or bare floors. This makes cleaning a breeze. Design I like the compact design which makes it easy to handle. The tanks are easy to fill and empty. The hose is onboard and easy to manipulate while cleaning. Durability The machine is sturdy without being cumbersome. The materials used are strong and durable.


Gainesville, VA


MaxExtract lives up to its name and effectively cleans carpets.


The Hoover MaxExtract 60 is an easy to use, highly effective carpet cleaner. Water extraction is very good allowing carpets to dry in 2-4 hours (depending on airflow in the room). It is important to make multiple SLOW dry strokes to maximize water extraction. The collection tank is very easy to empty without leaking/dripping dirty water. The placement of the water dispensing jets has been moved forward of the spinbrushes, which I believe to be an improvement over their earlier designs. I appreciate the built in accessory hose - it makes it so much quicker and easier to use this carpet washer to clean up spills, small stains, and use the upholstery attachment. Maneuverability Not self-propelled, but its light weight and large wheels make it as maneuverable as any carpet washer on the market. Ease of Maintenance Easy to empty the collection tank with getting dirty water on yourself or floors. The small screen filter is easy to access and clean. The spinbrush cartridge is easy to remove/replace to clean out trapped fibers. Suction Performance The suction is very good, but the key is to make SLOW multiple passes. Versatility Cleans both low and high pile carpets and upholstery. Not for use on hard wood floors. Design The placement of the water jets seems more effective and the placement of the water and collection tanks simplify filling and emptying. Durability so far so good - no issues after 6 months of use (1-2 times/month, 3 x 700 square foot rooms) - frequent use due to pets.


Arlington Heights, IL


Great for Houses with a lot of Carpet


I bought the Hoover Max Extract Carpet Cleaner Model FH50220 after I saw my sister in law had one. Our home in almost entirely carpeted and I needed something that would deep clean the carpet since I had a baby an had pets as well. This carpet cleaner works great n cleaning the carpet. It is easy to use and gets the job done. It works good as well to clean upholstery and small spills.There is two setting on this shampooer. There is a wash and rinse setting. There is an automatic shut off feature as well which is nice. When the dirty water tank is full it automatically shut itself off. The only thing I have discovered is that it takes forever for my carpets to dry using this cleaning on humid days. Other than that this is a great product.


Springville, NY


Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner with Bonus Solution

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