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Hoover Dubl-Duty Hand Held Vacuum

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The Hoover Wet & Dry Hand Vac is amazing.


The name of the of the item I'm reviewing is the** Hoover Wet & Dry Dubl ****Duty Hand Vac.** I've had this vacuum cleaner for about 4 months now and let me tell you, it is one word AMAZING! I'm not the type that likes to do a lot of cleaning, but since owning this little guy, I find myself cleaning up all the time. It has a charger & cord and a handy mounting wall bracket so it is easy to put away. It is one of the most handiest appliances I own. I have a cat and it seems like the hairballs are endless, but not with this around. It picks up dust, hair and even ground in dirt wonderfully.Whenever I'm having company over and my place needs tidying up, I just grab this vac and press the button and POOF! NO MORE DIRT, DUST AND HAIRBALLS. I have carpet throughout my home, so you know how that is. Did I mention, it also picks up wet spills and combination wet/dry spills as well. I could go on & on about the **Hoover Wet & Dry Hand Vac.** If you need a quick easy way to keep your place tidy without requiring a lot of hassle, then this handy vacuum is for you.

Chicago, IL


Hoover handheld works really well


Got a hoover handheld for my wife for Christmas.  I read a lot of reviews and this one seemed to have good reviews for the money.  there are a lot of other vacuums with more features and the like, but they are very expensive.  My other issue with a product like this is the battery.  I was really wanting to get something with a lithium ion battery, but the only one I know of is also made by hoover, and that is their platinum line I believe it is called.  I just couldn't see spending that much money on a handheld vacuum.  So this one had good reviews and I decided to go for it.  It works really well!  It does just what you expect a dust buster type of vacuum to do.  It picks up cheerios, grass, dirt, paper - all that stuff that you don't want to lug out the big vacuum for.  My only concern is battery life as it is NiCd and they have battery memory.  Reviews said they didnt have a big issue with battery, so hopefully I won't either.  The only negative I have is that it is pretty loud, and the fan exhaust blows out the side, so you tend to blow dirt around.  You just have to plan ahead and approach your dirt from the left!

Hernando, MS


Hoover Dubl-Duty Hand Held Vacuum

4.5 2