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Hoover Deep Cleansing Carpet & Upholstery Detergent

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would buy again


I used this product in my carpet cleaner it did really well cleaning the carpet and it leaves the carpet smelling fresh. The heavier stains in the carpet should be treated first before using the carpet cleaner or you would have to keep going over the carpet multiple times before getting out. Other than that it's a pretty good cleaner.

Vero Beach,FL


I Wasn't Impressed: Not Deep Cleansing!


Hoover Deep Cleansing Carpet & Upholstery Detergent isn't all that great of a cleaner. The carpets in my house aren't very old, about four years, so my carpets aren't really dirty and have very few stains. After using this product, it didn't do a good job cleaning my carpets. It really didn't seem very deep cleansing, as the name suggests. We had a small stain in one of my children's rooms, and this didn't touch it. Finally, I had to go back to the store and purchase a different carpet cleaner to remove the stain. The stain was only a few weeks old. I wouldn't recommend this cleaner, it just doesn't clean very well. Performance After cleaning the living room carpets, the water was very dark brown. However, all you have to do is throw water down on a carpet, suck it up with a carpet cleaner or steamer and it should be brown. After cleaning my carpets with Hoover's Carpet and Upholstery Cleanser, my carpets still didn't look as clean as I had gotten them with other products. It was definitely priced to high for how well it performed and I will not be purchasing this again. I wouldn't recommend it if you want to get your carpets clean. Scent It did have a nice scent, but that's it.



its okay.......


Overall this isnt a terrible cleaner. It goes in the shampooerwith the hot water and the machine does the hard parts. I do think it is over priced for what it actually is, however.... It is specifically made to work with hoover steam cleaners and carpet cleaners. This is a big factor if you have to use your warranty, as it says you are supposed to use hoover products in the machines. Over all this cleaner does do pretty well, it helps with walkways and entryways which are the bads of my house. It doesn't have a strong or lingering odor. It doesn't leave the dingy after color when it dries that some of the cheap cleaners can on really light carpet. As for upholstery, I thought it did okay.....not great but okay. I had a small spot on a beige microfiber couch, it wasn't a terribly noticeable spot, but it was bothering me. I used the cleaner and while it did get out the majority, there is still a dark spot that is just a s bad as the original stain.



Hoover Deep Cleansing Carpet & Upholstery Detergent

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