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Hoover Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum

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Hoover Vacuums are good


I purchased the Hoover Cyclonic bagless vacuum and I am enjoying using it too. I really like the new features on the bagless vacuum. One feature that I like a lot is the canister is able to be emptied from the bottom with one lever to open. It can also be cleaned from the top where the other filter is sitting. Gravity helps to pull the dirt from the canister when it is emptied from the bottom and can help avoid spilling dirt back onto your clean floor. The vacuum seems to pick up fairly well for such a low priced item. I purchased it on sale and found it to be a good vacuum so far. Mine didn't come with a pully system so you do have to push it fairly hard on thick Berber carpeting. The carpet we have is very new so this vacuum has been working hard to help me pick up the loose pieces that were left behind. I have also used the wand to help me clean the edges as well. I like this vacuum and would recommend it to others.

Anchorage, AK


Best Vacuum I have bought!


I went to the store undecided of which vacuum cleaner I was going to buy. Then I saw this baby! After reading the box I had made up my mind. It has 3 times the suction power, its allergy friendly, bag less, and the parts are very user friendly. If you have allergies I would defiantly recommend this vacuum. It also is in very pretty bright colors. The filters are very easy to remove, clean, and place back into the vacuum. It has plenty of tools to use for those small hard to reach jobs or places. The power cord is very easy to wind up and it doesn't wrinkle or Frey. Best of all its not one of those over sized vacuum cleaners that is hard to store. It is small enough but not too small to fit in a closet, or a nice corner of any room. After using this I dont know if I would buy any type of vacuum again. It picks up pet hair and I have even picked up pennies and all those little tiny pieces left around the house from the kids. Maneuverability Very easy to turn and twist Ease of Maintenance Easy to clean and put together Suction Performance Even picks up pennies

Halethorpe, MD


My Hoover Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum is Wonderful!


I grabbed this new vacuum cleaner on a great sale at a local store because my old vacuum would hardly pick up anything anymore, and my littlest baby is just starting to crawl, so I'm very interested in having super-clean floors! It was such a good deal that I bought it without first researching it, which isn't my style. I was very, exceedingly, amazingly THRILLED with it when I brought it home. I had vacuumed with the older vacuum the previous day, but the Hoover Vacuum picked up more dust, dirt and debris. Much more. Half of the collection cup more! It really did a good job, without being too loud, and was easy to maneuver. I did research it online after I brought it home, and the only negative I saw was users complaining that the cords/hoses are too short, however I did not find that to be the case. I really love the way the handheld attachments easily detach/attach, too. I am completely happy in every way with this vacuum!

Sedro Woolley, WA


Hoover Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum

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