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Bagged Upright Vacuums
Hoover Commerical WindTunnel Bagged Vacuum

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Fell apart too fast


This vacuum cleaner although is a great sucking machine fell apart very quickly. The on off button no longer works, the hard plastic hose broke about a month into using it. I love that it is not bagless. But other than that it needs too much repair. Please Hoover make another bagged vacuum cleaner that lasts longer!

Spring Hill, FL


It has more suction than any bagless I've used.


 I have had my hover for over 5 years and it's as powerful now as the day I bought it. The only negative is that it does not tell you when the bags full like some newer vacuums. I will use this vacuum until it dies and replace it with another hoover bagged vacuum.

Preston, CT


I recommend this to friends.


I bought this after using a bagless vacuum for a few years, I will never go back to a bagless vacuum.  This model is working well for me, and I think I have less allergy issues than with the bagless kind. So far we have not had to buy any belts etc. for this vaccuum so that is a plus for me.   A friend actually recommended the vacuum to me, and I in turn have actually recommended it to others.  I do find it more difficult to have to keep bags on hand, and to remember to check them, change them etc.  However, I think that both the level of cleaning and the lack of getting dust back out into the air make it worth the hassle of dealing with a bag.  I do not keep track, but I know I don't have to change the bag all that often, definetely less than once a month, and I have not had trouble finding the correct bag size at normal stores that I shop at, even thought it might not be where I got the machine. 

Athens, IL


Hoover Commerical WindTunnel Bagged Vacuum

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