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Hood Simply Smart 1% Lowfat Milk

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Simply Smart is Simply Delicious


Simply Smart 1% milk is real milk from real cows, and it tastes delicious. It is  a creamy lowfat milk that has the taste of fat-filled milk . Simply smart uses some sort of ultrafiltration process that removes some of the water from the milk so the milk does not taste watered down like regular skim  or 1% milk. Not many stores in my area carry Simply Smart. I can only find it at Publix which is a good 30 miles from my house. So unfortunately if I run out, I often have to buy regular milk at the local grocery store. With Simply Smart you can have a milk that is both healthy and tastes great! Simply Smart milk is a little pricey compared to store brand milk. So it may not be a practical choice for families on a budget.

Huntland, TN


A low fat milk that actually tastes great


When I was a teenager into my early thirties I drank an incredible amount of whole milk.  I would go through a least a half a gallon a day or more.  It was my way of getting the protein I needed because of all the sports I played.  As I got older and started learning more about nutrition I realized I needed to change my diet somewhat to help avoid any long term problems like cholesterol and heart disease from saturated fats.  That's when I switched to 2% milk and sort of developed a taste for it.  The one drawback was that there was still too much saturated fat even in the 2% milk, so I made the attempt to start drinking 1%.  This was probably 15 years ago.  It was my first and last attempt at drinking the 1% milk.  It was almost like drinking water.  I guess it was about 2 or 3 years ago when I decided to try Hood's 1% lowfat milk because of their description label on the container.  It claimed to taste like whole milk and be rich and creamy.  Well, they were right.  This is one of the best tasting milks I have ever tried.  I extremely happy to have finally found something that tastes great and is healthy for you.

Croton On Hudson, NY


Rich, creamy taste with 69% less fat than whole milk


One taste of Hood Dairy's Simply Smart line of Lowfat milk and I'm back in my childhood... waiting for the milkman to bring our bottle of milk. I always tried to be the one to pop the paper cap and pour the first glass, full of the cream that always floated to the top... Eating and drinking high fat beverages went the way of the milkman, but when it comes to dairy beverages, all the taste is back with "Simply Smart 1% Lowfat Milk with the Taste of Whole Milk," and sister product, "Simply Smart Fat Free Milk with the Taste of 2% Milk." Both of these products use a proprietary filtering technique to reduce the liquid that makes most reduced fat milks taste watery. The result is amazing flavor, 25% more protein and 20% more calcium. If only every lower fat product could do as well! Blend Simply Smart's rich, whole milk taste, farmers who pledge not to use artificial growth hormones and the dependability of a New England dairy firm with over 150 years of tradition behind its belt, and you'll have a delicious, healthful product that truly belongs behind yours! SImply Smart, simply the best.

Atlanta, GA


Hood Simply Smart 1% Lowfat Milk

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