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HCM 300T
Honeywell QuietCare 3-Gallon UV Tower Humidifier


Honeywell QuietCare 3 Gallon UV Tower Humidifier with Exclusive UV Germicidal Technology. Ultraviolet light reduces 99% of bacteria and germs. QuietCare Fan Technology is up to 30% quieter than comparable humidifiers. Slim Tower Design fits in any room.

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Honeywell Humidifier. An awesome and useful product to own.


This is an awesome humidifier by Honeywell. My husband bought this unit in 2011 to use while he slept at night to help open up his passage ways to prevent coughing attacks during the night due to allergies and snoring. This unit is silent, compact and does a great job at performing how it should. There are different settings that you can adjust to your liking to suit your needs. It's very easy to use this humidifier and minimal to no effort to set up. All it takes is filling the unit/canister which pops out easily, inserting the filter and plugging it in and setting it. I love the unit in black as oppose to white because it looks very sophisticated and it's actually hard to tell by just looking what the unit actually is. It is sleek and fits in tight spaces which I like to save space in the bedroom or wherever you place this unit. If you're suffering from any type of sinus or respiratory tract illness, common cold or flu. Honeywell's humidifier will work effectively to add moisture to the air to help you breath better and relieve congestion. I did not encounter having to replace the filter often and I usually would wash mine really well and let it dry to reuse it but obviously that is personal choice and the filters are not expensive at all to purchase more. I am very pleased with this humidifier and anytime it is needed my family and I use it. Output Volume This unit puts out a good amount of moisture efficiently and at a quiet volume. Performance Honeywell's humidifier will last years with proper care. Ease of Cleaning Cleaning this unit is easier than cleaning a fan. You just remove the cover and rinse off if needed and wipe down the inside if it needs it. The filters come out easily and allow for convenient access to cleaning. Durability This unit will last years without having issues. I have owned mine a few years and had used it religiously after buying it and it has worked great without failing. Design I absolutely love the design of this humidifier. It is thin and sleek. Sharp and sophisticated. Lightweight and compact.




Really Great Humidifier!!


My mom bought this when my niece was in the hospital, and this was probably the best thing. She was able to recover, and this helped a lot with her breathing. Living in an area that has air quality issues, and a dry state having a humidifier is a must! Honestly we've owned quite a few and all have been really good and they bring about a healthy lifestyle. MAKE SURE you clean it out and do not allow it to get moldy. That can bring about sickness. So make sure you clean weekly, maybe even daily. Don't let water sit in it either, that can make it very unhealthy. My niece was so cute when she would just go up and breathe in the air, it is really good for kids to have clean moist air to breath in dry areas. Keeps their vocals alive! Ease of Cleaning I wasn't quite sure how to clean it at first, but after some research I was able to figure it out.


Mona, UT


Not the best one


We have owned this humidifier for over 6 years. We live in a dry climate so it helps a bunch to humidify our air especially when we have sick kids. However I have few concerns about it. I don't like bulky design (my husband bought it by himself before we met). Also I don't like that it noticeably cools down the temperature inside. And the last but not least it works very loudly! You can turn down the speed but then it's not as effective. However I like that it doesn't have hundreds of control buttons. There are only two control buttons: speed and intensity of humidification. Also it's water tank is very easy to clean - which is important. Output Volume It works very loud!!! Performance It does it's job Ease of Cleaning Water tank is very easy to clean, and filter is easy to install. Durability Works for 6+ years so far :) Design Not the best design. No color option either.




Very quiet Honywell humidifier


I bought this Honeywell humidifier about sixty days ago. I compared them all and this was recommended every where I turned. I wanted to wait to review this product because they are a bit pricey. Two months after my purchase it is still working and looking like brand new one! The humidifier is very quiet and you don't even know it is on. (low) I put it in my living room, where the tv is and it doesn't bother me at all. The humidified air blows out the bottom. I have a humidity gauge about 10 feet from to test it and it does a great job. The humidifier has 3 speeds and a thermostat type control so it will turn off and on if you want to keep it set at a specific percent. We are not itching due to dry skin this winter! Also, good for my dogs itchy skin as well. The tank that you fill with water is simple to lift off and I fill it with the kitchen sink. Does not leak or drip at all. Make sure to put the cap on properly. Great purchase..I highly recommend.


Peru, IN


This honeywell humidifier is great! Quiet and easy. Worth money!


My sister stuck with this model for years, and I tried a small room one (two that were cheap) and hated them due to warm mist which involved alot of cleaning, and cool mist one which was louder than my hair dryer..not cool.  Then, I decided to go big or go home and got this one for alittle more money.  Well it was worth it.  quiet, easy, don't have to clean often, and fits almost anywhere.  refill only once a day.  GREAT product.  thank you honeywell!  No more holmes brand humidifiers for me..


Saint Paul, MN


Honeywell QuietCare 3-Gallon UV Tower Humidifier

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