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Honeywell Quick Steam Warm Moisture Humidifier

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Pumps warm moisture in the air!


I'm a fan of Honeywell. The products they put out always seem to do what they're supposed to, and that's the reason I opted for this brand over the Vicks version. I prop this up on a chair next to my bed so the heated moisture is breathed directly in, but the directions specify to be careful with this sort of thing as you can scald your nasal passages. The warm air is extremely soothing, and really helps my lungs and sinuses to be moisturized. Whenever I feel the first little symptoms of a cold or sinus infection coming on, I break this out and it does the trick. Knobs are straight forward, very easy to use. One complaint I have is the cord could be just a smidge longer. I have to use an extension cord, but not everyone will have this problem if your outlet is more convenient. Output Volume Nice amount of steam you can see. I like that. Performance Does what it's supposed to, and does it well. Ease of Cleaning I've never cleaned mine, but a basic wipe down would be good. Durability Nice and solid. Design Perfectly easy to use.

El Paso, TX


Honeywell Quick Steam Warm Moisture Humidifier

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