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Honeywell Portable Tower Heater

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Does the job


I was looking for an inexpensive space heater to put in a bedroom and this worked well. It's a no-frills space heater but the fact that it oscillates makes it an effective way to heat a room. I used it in a room that is approximately 10' by 10' and it makes the whole room warmer. Performance This space heater works well. I can't speak to whether or not it would be effective in large rooms but it does the trick for the small bedroom I use it in. Ease of Use This is a very easy-to-use space heater. It's not a fancy model so there aren't a ton of buttons/controls to figure out. You plug it in, turn it on, and turn the temperature knob. Simple! Durability This space heater seems durable enough after a season of use. I will say that there's been a few times where it seems to have turned off on its own overnight or when the temperature gauge doesn't seem to be working correctly (it is set to 80 but only feels like 70). These minor glitches have been fixed by unplugging it, giving it a "rest", and trying again. For the price, I don't mind too much but it can become a nuisance if it becomes a pattern. Design In the way of space heaters, it's not particularly attractive. But it works. I have found that it works best when placed in the center of a room which makes it even more obtrusive than it needs to be. Safety It does shut off automatically when it is knocked over.



Nice little heater (Honeywell HZ8000)


My wife and I have only lived in Michigan for a few years. Needless to say, we weren't ready for the cold weather and high heating bills. After our first winter we decided we needed to figure out how to cut the cost so we picked up this heater. After over a year of use, this heater is cherished by both of us. We carry it around from room to room to keep us nice and toasty. It is durable enough to survive the dog knocking it over multiple times. I also love the themostat that allows me not to worry about monitoring the constant running of the heat. Overall it's a great little piece.

Grand Rapids, MI


Honeywell Portable Tower Heater

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