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Honeywell Portable Electric Heater

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This little heater keeps our drafty living room comfortable


In preparation for the coming cold weather, we bought this Honeywell Digital Whole Room Heater. We used to have a small forced-air unit, but the fan was so noisy, it was impossible to hear the TV when it switched on. The Honeywell is a perfect answer to our problems. It's silent, heats up quickly and has made a really drafty room nice and cozy. The three heat options are easy to set with the digital display, and the automatic shut-off timer gives me a real peace of mind! No more worrying if I've left the heater on. The unit has a large luggage-type handle and easy glide casters, which makes it easy to move from one area to another without having to wait for it to cool down. On the lowest setting this unit will easily keep a bedroom toasty, and the high setting is enough to keep our open-plan living area comfortable. With a black and silver color pallette, it should fit into most any decorating scheme. It also has a convenient cord wrap for use when in storage.  As with all space heaters, make sure to read the directions and keep all combustibles at least 3 feet away.   Performance While this particular model was not designed to heat a room of this size, it does a very good job at keeping the surrounding area comfortable. Ease of Use The remote control is simple to use, as are the controls on the unit itself. Durability The heater has worked very well over the past 2 years with no signs of slowing down! Design The tower design has a small foot print, so it doesn't take up much space. And the oscillating feature means it will heat an area evenly without baking in one particular direction. Safety We have several curious pets and have never had to worry about them getting hurt around this heater. The surface never gets too hot.

Mckinney, TX


Honewell Electric Heater Cuts Heating Bill


In our house during the winter we tend to use only a couple of rooms and leave the rest unheated unless we have overnight guests. Our old furnace puts out a great deal of heat, thank goodness, but it does seem to cost more to run every year and it threatens to bust our budget. For the past two fall-and-winters we have used Honeywell electric heaters for heating our bedroom and kitchen, and this season we tried the HZ725 for the TV room. Both our original Honeywell heaters and our new one have been quiet-running, and both have easily heated the rooms we put them in. My sister was especially concerned about the safety of our heaters when she and her children visit, so I really like the automatic turnoff if the the heaters are tipped over. The heating adjustment could be more accurate, though, so we do have to manually turn them on and off more than I would like. For me, though, the savings in our energy bill easily justifies that one inconvenience.

Stockton, CA


Honeywell Hz725, waste of money!


At first I thought this heater was great.  Was not hot to the touch, could unplug it and move to another room...very easy.  Well, we had it for about 2months and it started not working right.  I would turn it on and realize it never really turned on..no heat and dial turns orange if heater is on.  We turned it on one day, the knob broke off and it is black on the inside, maybe like it was overheating and melted just a little.  I am not able to return this item because I can't find my receipt!  That is my fault...so lesson learned I won't buy another!

Dover, DE


Honeywell Portable Electric Heater

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