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Honeywell Portable Compact Ceramic Tower Heater HZ-385BP

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Powerful Heater for Medium-to-Large Room


This Honeywell Portable Compact Ceramic Tower Heater is a good sized heater for a medium to large sized room. It has very simple controls and adjustable settings. You can adjust it to stationary mode or allow it oscillate. In terms of weight this product is very lightweight and has a handle built into it for carrying the heater from room to room or putting it away in storage. For its compact size, its pretty powerful. It also has great safety features such as its ability to kick off and cool down. You don't have to worry about it getting knocked over or getting to close to furniture either as it also shuts off when tilted. My only complaints with this product are it can take an hour or two to heat up a room and it doesn't have a remote like other brands similar to it. Performance Takes an hour or two to warm up but other than that, works fine. Ease of Use Simple. Durability Lightweight but feels sturdy. Design Love the black and chrome.



I decided to return this heater.


This heater does heat up the room rather quickly. However, it is a dry heat and I woke up in the morning with a mouth and throat that was dried out in addition to a stuffy nose. I decided to return this heater after using it for a little over a month. Performance If you set this heater's thermostat to 70 degrees, the heater will contiune to run until the temperature reaches about two degrees above what you selected! I decided to return this heater because my electric bill increased substantially and this was with using the energy saver feature of just 900 watts. I also do not like dry heat. Ease of Use The heater is easy to use. Safety This heater does have safety features that are attractive if one has children and/or animals. If you move the heater while it is in use, it will shut off. Standing directly in front of it will also cause it stut down.



Efficient and reliable


I've owned this Honeywell space heater for about four years now, and it works just as well today as when I first bought it.  It's survived several moves, power surges, accidental kicks, and plenty of other abuse.  It's kept me warm in both Montana, where winter temperatures routinely drop to -30, and in Oregon, where it might go below freezing once or twice a year.  In short, it's done everything I could hope for in a space heater. This particular model comes with two modes: Max for when you need lots of heat, and Energy Saver for when you only need a little (or are worried about electric bills).  It includes a timer, automatic rotation, and max temperature setting for easy control.  It also has an automatic shutoff if it gets bumped or knocked over.  I haven't needed that particular feature yet, but it's certainly not a bad thing to have. Since this is just a space heater, the HZ-385BP is not going to heat the whole house.  But for one room, this device is a fantastic (and probably cheaper) alternative to baseboard heating.

Beaverton, OR


Honeywell Portable Compact Ceramic Tower Heater HZ-385BP

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