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Honeywell Portable 360 Surround Heat Tower Heater

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Honeywell Surrond Tower keeps me toasty warm!


I am not a fan of the cold, and with the winters getting colder, or so it seems, my normal heating system just does not cut it.  I got the Honeywell Surround Tower and it definitely chases away the cold from a room!  I pretty much bring it with me where ever I am sitting because it keep me warm.  It is a little on the noisy side but that does not bother me because I only use it during the day.  A feature I like about this product is that if it tips over or you bump into it, the heater will turn off.  One thing that I do not like about this heater is that the cord gets very warm after using it for a while, which concerns me.  Since I only use it when I am around though it is not a huge deal, as I can monitor it to make sure that nothing happens to it.  Features I like are that it can rotate 360 degrees and that it looks nice and has heating controls, so you can make it warm or hot depending on your desired temperature.

Stockton, NJ


Don't try to sleep with this heater running!


There's no doubt that this Honeywell space heater has the capacity to heat a fairly good-sized room. Given its size, that says quite a bit for such an inexpensive secondary/accessory heat source. We bought this space heater at WalMart last year, because our girls, both of whom are southern dwellers, freeze their butts off when they're here to visit, other than in summer. The Honeywell HZ-3220BP model, however, is noisy, which is fine during waking hours, but really not so good at all if you can't sleep with constant noise. This is not a bad product, but is one I really wouldn't purchase again for that reason. We couldn't even use it at our camp during the cooler nights, and have elected to find an oil filled radiant heat model.  No noise = A Good Thing. :)

Tionesta, PA


Honeywell Portable 360 Surround Heat Tower Heater

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