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HUT 200
Honeywell Easy-Care Cool Mist Filter Free Humidifier

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Convenient in size and care but not for a large room.


When I started with random nosebleeds this winter I knew that the problem was related to the furnace heat drying the air in my home and thus drying the membrane in my nose making it prone to bleed. I shopped around looking for not only an inexpensive humidifier, but also for one smaller in size. When I found this humidifier I was pleased because it also did not require filters that would need to be maintained. It was also a nice convenient size and didn't cost an arm and a leg. I bought it and took it home to give it a try. I am happy with my choice and here is why: 1. Because it is small and more of a columnar shape it doesn't require a huge footprint that clutters the room or gets tripped over. 2. When running it doesn't make a lot of noise. It is noisy, don't get me wrong, it has to be for it to be productive, but it is quieter than some I have heard and after a short while becomes just a background noise that was rarely noticed. 3. Refilling the water chamber is very easy. A smaller pitcher of water every couple of days (I guess this could vary depending on the level of dryness that it is trying to correct) is all it needs. 4. It keeps the humidity level raised in the room and seems to be relieving my nosebleeds. What isn't the best about this humidifier: 1. Because of it's smaller size it is not meant to work in a large room. My home is very small so it is not a problem for me. I am using it in my bedroom which is only approximately 9' x 11.5'. 2. Hmmmmm...guess I can't think of any other things inconvenient. I have only been using this humidifier for about 6 months and have had no problems with it for this time. I have had other Honeywell products and have been happy with them so am expecting yet hoping that this humidifier will last for quite some time. Output Volume I have a thermometer that also reads humidity levels of the room. I find that when running this humidifier my room humidity level raises sufficiently. I like to see the humidity around the 20-25% and it is most of the time. Performance Working great for me! Ease of Cleaning Because I do not have to take it apart and change a filter, I can't give it any higher of a rating than a 10! It is virtually maintenance free, other than adding water. Durability So far so good! No problems in the 6 months I have had it. Design It is designed to fit in a smaller area without being bulky and obtrusive.




helping my sons bloody noses


My son started getting lots of random bloody noses. I asked doctor and she said it is the dry winter air and we should keep a humidifier running all the time. We had a different brand and found it difficult to keep running as it ran out of water to fast and was bulky and clunky to refill. this one is perfect we can leave it running and plugged in at all times. we do not have to take it apart to fill it stays where it is ( nicely sitting in a corner out of the way) and we bring a pitcher of water to it. The kids can help fill it and my sons bloody nose problem has greatly improved!!!! Performance I have had it running non stop for over a month with no problems.. Design fits nicely out of the way in the cornor


Buffalo, NY


Honeywell "Filter-Free": A little misleading


When our older model humidifier broke this winter, we had to go replace it. And were attracted to the "filter-free" model, since we regularly have to replace the filter in our other humidifiers. Figured even though this model was a little more expensive, it would pay for itself in coming years by not needing filters. However, once we got home and got it out of the box with the manual, we discovered to keep the humidifier working properly, you have to replace a carbon filter type thing every few weeks, as well as continue to clean the thing on the inside so that it's not spraying germs. We were trying to move towards NOT having to replace things all the time, and since this was for one of my toddler's rooms, I don't want to have to clean it all the time to avoid it being a germ breeding ground. So while the concept of the humidifier sounded great, the practicality of it was not worth it for my home, and we returned it to the store immediately.


Warren, OH


Honeywell Easy-Care Cool Mist Filter Free Humidifier

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