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Honeywell Desktop HEPA Air Purifier

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Compact and effective. Great for desk or countertop!


I purchased one of these for the bedroom. It has worked so well that I invested is a second unit for the utility room where the dryer creates a lot of dust. It works great! My wife thinks it's a little loud, but I don't think so. This product is great for the bedside or for a smaller office space. I'm even considering getting a third for the house.



Pretty good air purifier.


I own one of these purifiers and it does get the job done BUT...when it is set on low, its is ok to deal with. When put on a higher speed, it is a bit noisy for my liking and kind of a distraction especially for it being a desk top purifier. I wouldnt try to have an important phone conversation with this thing running on high. I think the filter replacements are a bit costly too. Around 20 bucks or so for a new filter. But all in all, it is a good unit and does what it says. Ease of Maintenance Real easy to change the filter when needed. Dust/Allergen Removal i can definately tell the difference when its on and when it is not on. Effectiveness it does clean the air and remove odors with the charcoal filter. Design a little bit too noisy for me especially when it is designed to be on a desk top.

Visalia, CA


Honeywell 16200 HEPA is a breath saver


I work in the basement of an old buliding. Every person in my office has one of these in their cubical space. It has done wonders since we invested in them. We could probably do with a few less, but it's worth the price. Before having an air purifier many of us would often leave with headaches from the mildewy smell. We've also been more productive since having these since we feel better. They are a little noisy, but we would much rather deal with a little noise than icky air. I'm sure there is a larger purifier that you could invest in more if you wanted to just have one for a large area of space. These are recommended for a small room I believe and so that is why we bought many. That way no one could complain that they weren't close enough to their 'pure air'. I would also suggest making sure they are not running 24/7. We have found that two hours on and two hours off works well because that way you give the motor a break.

Saint Paul, MN


Love the Honeywell 16200 Hepa Purifier!


I recently bought the Honeywell 16200 Hepa Air Purifier. We have a serious mold problem in our house, and I was beginning to have many respiratory problems as a result. After doing much research, I bought this model and have been extremely thankful that I did! It has improved the air quality in my bedroom tremendously! It has helped with mold, allergens and dust. I am able to sleep much better at night as result! Something to keep in mind is that this is a "True Hepa" Purifier and not a "Hepa-Type" which is what you want if you have serious problems. It also has an ionizer which is important if you have mold or allergy issues. The nice thing about this unit is that it is small and yet good enough for a medium-sized room (up to 110 Sq. ft.). The only thing is that on the high setting it can be a bit too loud. But on the low and medium settings it is nice to use as white noise while sleeping. Overall, I highly recommend this air purifier!

Arden, NC


Honeywell air purifier helps remove common airborn odors


The Honeywell air purifier is perfect for any small room.My husband smokes, and we have a dog and a cat.My husband the dog and the cat all hang out in the same room.The family room.Between the cigarette smoke,and the cat and dog dander,lets just say the air in this room is not exactly ideal for my allergies.thats where the Honeywell air purifier 16200 HEPA COMES IN.I bought this air purifier to put in the family room to help with the allergens and the odor.I was impressed.The honeywell 16200 HEPA air purifier cleared the air of dust,allergens,and more importantly the odors.It really seemed to help my allergies by removing from the air cat and dog dander,and mold spores.I used the Ionizer for extra cleaning power to help freshen the air even more.The Honeywell 16200 HEPA air purifier uses ODOR-LOCK filter technology to help remove common household odors.The air purifier fits great on a tabletop and is designed  to fit in even small spaces.

Louisville, KY


Honeywell Desktop HEPA Air Purifier

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