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HCM 6009
Honeywell - 9G Console Humidifier


MODEL- HCM-6009 VENDOR- HONEYWELL FEATURES- Honeywell QuietCare High Output Console Humidifier 9 Gallon output/day whole house humidifier is up to 30% quieter than other cool mist humidifiers. Operates up to 24 hours on a single filling and is recommended for areas up to 2300 sq ft. QuietCare HCM-6009 provides natural relief from dry indoor air. The Protec Pure Moisture System provides a 3 step process for fresher moisture. The Airwashing filter helps capture dirt dust and pollen the Protec Cleaning Cartridge helps reduce mineral build-up and the Protec Extended Life Filter helps prevent the growth of mold and odor causing bacteria on your filter.* Up to 30% quieter * Automatic shut-off * Adjustable humidity control * 3 moisture output settings * Easy to clean carry and fill * Runs up to 24 hours per filling * Humidifies up to 2300 sq. ft. * Replacement filter: HC-14

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Great Humidifier, works for my whole house


We set our fan speed at medium and the water level at medium and it goes through the water reserves in about 15 hours. So, there's a lot of output! We have a lofted house and have the humidifier on the 2nd floor and the whole house is shock-free and static free. We used to use a small humidifier on the main floor, but we've since gotten rid of it now that we have this machine. WOULD RECOMMEND to anyone.



Honeywell Humidifier keeps air moist, but has design flaws


This Honeywell Humidifier was purchased to keep a 1,500 square foot upstairs moist during the winter months. There are two water compartments that need to be refilled at least every 12-16 hours. There are multiple settings for which directions you want the air blown as well as how high/ how moist you want the air to be. Those gauges seem to work very well. My biggest complaint is the design of these water jugs. They are an odd shape, making it hard to set in the tub to fill. We have dropped them twice now and had two cracks because of the poor design. If it weren't for this aspect, I would be absolutely pleased with the product. But, since we're adding water a couple times a day, I find it to be a fairly big deal. Output Volume Water does have to be added more than once a day. Performance We've noticed a decrease in dry skin, so we are pleased. Ease of Cleaning The filter needs to be flipped with each water change. The tub is separate from the part that is plugged in, making it easy to dump and wipe down when necessary. Durability water compartments break very easily! Design Not a fan- because of the ease of breakage.

Mahomet, IL


Honeywell - 9G Console Humidifier

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