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Honeywell - 1 Gal. Warm Moisture Humidifier - Black

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great for small rooms


We have a daughter with eczema, and in the winter a humidifier is essential for her comfort. We have been using this in her room every winter since she was born, so for about 4 years. It is still running great, and we are really happy with it. I only wish it were larger. The reservoir holds about a gallon, which is more than enough for one night, but not enough for two. I really like that this model doesn't need a filter, and is relatively easy to clean. The only part of ti that is hard to clean is the water reservoir. The opening on it is tiny, about 3 inches in diameter i would guess. We have hard water and so there is a scummy buildup in there i don't care for. We treat it with bleach, but you really need to be able to wipe it off to fully remove it. Output Volume This machine has an output dial that lets you choose the rate of steam. It works very well and has a really nice range of choice. Performance It works great after 4 years. I think that speaks for itself! Ease of Cleaning It is easy to clean the heating element, but not the reservoir tank. Also, cleaning the heating element needs to be done about once a week if you have hard water like us. We let it soak in vinegar for 6 hours or so before scrubbing and rinsing. This is a bit of a hassle, but are happy to do it if we don't have to pay for a filter. Durability This machine is still running strong. I have a feeling we will get at least 2 more years out of it, maybe more. Design I would have given it a 10 except I wish i could have access to clean the reservoir completely.




Good, but not great.


We got this humidifier because we could put the Vicks stuff in it in the kids room, and it happened to be cheaper than the Vicks humidifiers...well I know why it was cheaper. It's cheaper made. Just a couple months after using it the dial cracked. I ended up super gluing it back together to get it to stay on. It was quite frustrating. It is easier to clean than the Vicks humidifier however. Long as you clean it every couple of weeks or so. I do also like that the water container has a great handle on it to hold the container, so even though its a tad heavy you can't really tell. It's pretty quiet and you can't really tell that its on. It starts steaming really fast and works great otherwise.


Pocatello, ID


This one works well!


We've had multiple humidifiers in the past, but this one seems to really be a keeper. It starts up pretty quickly and the amount of steam that pours out is much greater than some of the other models. It's helped my daughter to get better quickly when she had a bad cough, and adds some nice warm moisture into the air for all the dryness of these cold winter months. Overall, we've had no worries with it and it's been about 3 months. Great product and I'd definitely recommend! Output Volume Steam comes out very well compared to other models I've used in the past. Performance Works very well, very fast! Ease of Cleaning Just dump it out and clean the plastic container. Very simple. Durability We haven't dropped it and don't plan on it, but the plastic seems to hold up well and be pretty durable.


Prior Lake, MN


Honeywell - 1 Gal. Warm Moisture Humidifier - Black

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