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Turkey Breast
Honeysuckle White
Honeysuckle White Frozen Bone In Turkey Breast

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After 4 Decades Plus - No More!


My family has sworn by Honeysuckle since I was a child and I am now 62. I had never personally been responsible for roasting the bird, but only on rare occasions was anything I ng other than Honeysuckle used as the injected oils of a Butterball do not agree with some of us. In 2019, I could not make it to family dinner so planned to take a full p repaired meal to my parents on Sunday. Hideous stench emanated from the bird thruout cooking time and the flavor was identical. Tossed into trash. Thought maybe I'd done something wrong, but I have the expertise to know I did'nt. 2020 was Covid, so I prepared dinner for my parents at their home - buying a Honeysuckle White -having forgotten the disaster from the prior year. As the turkey cooked, that same stench arose and yet another bird tossed in the trash when done. Flavor was disgusting. My 82 year old mom figured it out. These animals are being fed something that destroys their flavor. UNTIL THE HONEYSUCKLE WHITE COMPANY DOES A MASSIVE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN ASSURING EVERYONE THAT THE PUTRID FLAVOR HAS BEEN DONE AWAY WITH AND THEY ARE BACK TO THEIR FORMER HIGH QUALITY, I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER AND WOULD URGE EVERYONE ELSE TO AVOID THEM COMPLETELY. However, if you know that you and your family qualify as "low tasters" and actually have almost no ability to taste anything, you would probably safe choosing a Honeysuckle. The birds do still bake up golden brown and they look just fine. Just make certain not to feed it to anyone that actually has taste buds!






Purchased the Honeysuckle bone-in turkey breast for our small Thanksgiving gathering. It was just a little over 7 pounds, I paid $11-something at Aldi's for it. Followed the thawing and oven cooking instructions to a T.. It looked beautiful after the 3 hour roasting, but turned out dry and chewy. I may chop and mix leftovers with mayo and celery to create sandwich spread, thinking the mayo will help moisten. Saw advice (a day late) at Epicurious suggesting to roast the breast upside-down for the first couple of hours.. Honeysuckle instructions said breast side up.. I would try the upside down method, and fill the cavity with something that would self-baste as well, if I was to do this again. This was definitely not the favorite thing on our thanksgiving table though :-(




Terrible Texture and Waste of Money


I bought it because it was a good size for the Thanksgiving meal for my Husband and Myself. It was a Horrible texture and I had to toss it . Disappointed my husband and myself.


Atlanta, GA




I was so unhappy with this turkey, I thought it would be more health-conscious to get gluten-free, but I will never think outside the norm again, Butterball only from now on




Terrible rubbery texture waste of money.


Cooked for diner and no one wanted to eat it.


boise, id


Stringy, dry and chewy. Inedible. Wasted my money.


I couldn't serve this product to my guests nor could I eat it. It was too stringy and dry.


Mongolia, Mississippi


The best. Period.


Always delicious. Always tender and juicy. Easy to prepare. Although a bit more pricey, it is most definitely worth every cent. Wonderful in every way, every time.


Akron, OH


Honeysuckle White Turkey Breast--tastes great and gluten free


I first tried a **Honeysuckle White frozen bone in turkey breast** after discovering that these are gluten free. I used to only cook turkey around the holidays, but over the years, I have discovered that our whole family loves this tasty and healthy choice for a meat. The breast meat is lower in fat than the dark meat than you the whole turkey, but of course the price per pound is higher and you will have less meat with a breast only. It takes less time to thaw a turkey breast than it does to thaw a whole turkey, and I have found the breasts easier to clean. I've cooked MANY of these turkeys over the years and have never gotten a bad one. According to their website, the **Honeysuckle White frozen bone in turkey breast** is free of [gluten][1] and free of MSG. I have found it quite convenient to use a [baking bag][2] to cook turkey breasts. I usually place it upside down in the bag after thawing and cleaning the turkey. Bay leaves and lemon pepper give it added flavor, but I have found that this turkey tastes great without anything added and it is easier for my children to eat without added spices because all three of my daughters have GERD. If cooked properly, the meat is moist and sometimes the meat will literally fall off the bone when I am slicing it. **Honeysuckle White** is more expensive than some brands, but when I have tried cheaper brands, I have returned to **Honeysuckle White**. I contacted the manufacturer regarding a recipe and I found them to be very helpful and timely in their responses. **My Viewpoint:** **Honeysuckle White frozen bone in turkey breasts** are a hit at my house, and I plan to continue serving them on a regular basis. If you'd like to read more of my reviews, I've reviewed all sorts of products like toys, books, household products, and more. Meet me at my profile page by clicking [here][3] . [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Celiac-Disease-Foundation-Website-review-b2613 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Reynolds-Oven-Bags-review-e9a39 [3]: http://www.viewpoints.com/aboutme/Katrena


Piedmont, NC


Honeysuckle White Frozen Bone In Turkey Breast

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