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The Honest Company
Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner

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Great Cleaner


I try to purchase as many organic and natural products as I can, and The Honest Company is a great new company started by Jessica Alba that allows me to purchase natural cleaners. I especially like the Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner. I find myself using this cleaner on absolutely everything. In the bathroom, on my kitchen granite countertops, and even on some of my furniture. The main reason I love this product is that I feel safe using it on my counters. I am always hesitant to put any harsh chemicals on my kitchen counters since food comes in contact with the counters. This product has greatly reduced my worries about the cleanliness of my counters. Performance Every surface I have used this product on has been very clean after using the Honest Cleaner. There were no streak or dirt left behind. Scent The scent for this was pleasant. It did not smell like chemicals, and it was no overpowering at all.



Honestly cleaning up my children's mess on any surface


The Honest Company Multi-Surface Cleaner has no chemicals to clean with only natural ingredients, organic when they can. The cleaner comes in a spray bottle and the company just increased the size of it to make a better value. Performance Makes light work of the mess that my kids can dish out. Sometimes we can't get to a spill right away. I just let the cleaner sit on the dried goo for a few minutes and it wipes right up. Scent Very minimal scent that doesn't last long on the surface. There is a slight hint of citrus since it is made with grapefruit extract. So much more refreshing than the fumes that come from other cleaners.

Lansing, MI


Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner

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