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Blended Fruit Juice
Honest Kids
Honest Kids Variety Pack

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Good and bad


Well to start off the sugar and taste are low. Watered down is an understatement. I can accept that my daughter will drink it no complaints and I'm glad she likes it because it's healthy for you on that aspect. I being a grown adult don't like it.. not enough flavor for me. I would say 50/50 but to be honest it's more like 75% water to 25% juice. For the people like me who take a favor of hey kids juices here and there I wouldn't recommend it but for the organic lovers out there I guess I do.

San Jose, CA


It tastes like crap


this product sucks. It tastes like someone put water in the drink and just added fruit. This makes me very disappointed and mad. When I saw my sisters drinking this it made me so sick that i threw up. Please fix this i'm sorry but I would never drink this again even if it would save my life or for all the money in the world.



Yummy Juice


That is the word from my children. They love the Honest Kids Pouches. I love them because they have less sugar, no High Fructose corn syrup and no preservatives. I can feel really good about giving these to my kids.

Charleston, SC


My new favorite juice


After buying this juice from my local co-op I will only buy this juice for my daughter and myself.  I am guilty of watering down most juices i get, allot for myself and even more for my daughter.  This juice is 90% water and 100% awesome.  Since I dont normally drink sodas and other super sugar drinks I can taste this juice just fine.  And my daughter prefers this juice as well.  My favorite is Grape. Hers is Apple.  I have not had any issues with the pouch but then again I do have amazing hand dexterity:)  I even used this juice as give away prizes at my store for children during the holidays. No complaints there!   If you drink coffee with your sugar or coke while eating a ho-ho, This juice is not for you.  

Portland, OR


Low in suger, low in taste


I bought the Honest Kids Variety Pack for a healthier alternative to suger packer drinks. The first thing I noticed is that it is expensive, but I thought well, it's for my son. When I got home I was excited to open the juice up to give it a try. The juice tasted watered down. I felt like that was the secret to cutting the suger in half compared to other juices. Hmmm, maybe I should just grab a different juice and add some water to it, it would taste the same. Now my son is too young to really tell the difference between something that tastes good and something that does not taste very good at all, so I was shocked when he spit it out all over himself. I basicaly wasted money on juice that I could not find anyone who would drink it. I won't buy this juice again due to its lack of flavor but if I had to choose a favorite flavor it would be the Berry flavor. At least it tasted like it might have been juice once upon a time.

Pflugerville, TX


Honest Kids ORGANIC Juice Pouch is an Absolute Life/Mind Saver!


This product works wonders for children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, I have seen first hand the dramatic improvement in my own children! Less Sugar (natural cane sugar), No High Frutose Corn Syrup and Organic Natural Jucies..My childrens teachers love the fact ,their students can sit still after snack/lunch time. Only down side is, I can't seem to find variety packs or extra large packages in P.B Florida stores. I would love to see them make more flavors,multipacks and a powdered version.re: add to water (easy transport on long trips) My children don't drive me crazy any more!!    

West Palm Beach, FL


The best juice for children


I love this juice for my children.  It has no high fructose corn syrup, preservatives or dyes.  Plus, it has half the sugar of regular juice choices.  The best part is that my children love it.  I feel like a responsible parent.  Please buy these for your children.  I like them too.



Honest Kids Variety Pack

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