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The Honest Company
Honest Bubble Bath

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Honest bubble bath is great


I can not say enough about the Honest company and the products that they offer. My son was given several products for his birthday from a friend. It was the first time that I had heard about The Honest Company. My son is very sensitive to chemicals and smells. He loves to take baths but is always complaining about the scent of other brands. He also breaks out in hives due to certain chemicals in the bubble baths. I had been buying a special body wash that did not suds well. After my sons first bath with The honest Company bubble bath, I ordered two more bottles and am now a member. I was impressed with the smell of the bubble bath, it is a citrus smell. It is all natural and great for sensitive skin. Lots of fun bubbles, no dyes or artificial smells. Effectiveness Great bubbles, no tears and it smells great. The bubble bath does not leave a film or ring around the tub. Scent My son complains about the scent of other bubble baths. This is the first one that he thought smelled good. It is not an artificial scent it is a fresh natural citrus scent.



Bubble me naturally


The liquid of the Honest Company Bubble Bath is really liquidy, unlike the gel I was usually used to. I would splash a little into the tub and it made pretty good bubbles for my kids to enjoy. Effectiveness The liquid makes a pretty good pile of bubbles, though they don't last forever when the kids are playing. Scent Smells like citrus mostly and fills the entire bathroom with the smell. I could see taking a bath with this to relax and re-energize the smell is so nice.

Lansing, MI


Honest Bubble Bath

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