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Honda NeXite 21 in. Variable Speed Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Mower

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NeXite is ok in some areas, lacks in others


This product has good points and bad points.  I think that the engine is pretty powerful and capable.  The grass is generally cut pretty well, although it is pretty easy to see where the blades have not cut.  The propel speed is really touchy and takes some getting used to.  I would do away with the blade speed option, as it does not seem to work.  I have tried several settings for the height of the cut, but adjusting the machine is difficult.  I cannot cut as short as I would like to and still achieve results that I want.  The bagging process is ridiculous, being very difficult and not effective at all.  The bagger leaves lines of grass down each wheel track, and makes it look terrible.  I have to go over each line again to bag the expelled clippings.  The bag itself does not seem to fit correctly, as it blows grass from the mower into the air.  I will be looking to sell this in season. It may just be my unit, but I'd never own another.


Columbus, IN


Honda NeXite 21 in. Variable Speed Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Mower

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