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Honda HRX217HXA 21-inch Gas Lawn Mower

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Gets the Job Done


We've owned this lawn mower for two years. We own just over half an acre and I wouldn't recommend this mower to mow the whole thing as it takes forever! My husband and I finally gave in and went to buy a riding mower since we felt like we were wasting so much time mowing the lawn. We use this push mower around edges, flowerbeds, trees, etc. which the riding mower can't reach very well. It is hard for me to get it started but can usually get it started after several tries. I like that it has a bag but it doesn't do much good since the angle of the bag makes the grass clippings get stuck before they reach the bag making me have to stop a lot to unclog it. It also doesn't have much power, but on the bright side it's not very loud! It works for the ten minutes we need it to to get around edges but I would go rent a riding mower before having to mow our whole lawn with this mower again. I do like the handle, it doesn't make my arms go numb and it's just the right height for me at 5'3".



Runs forever, easy to start.


I picked up one used and have had it a few years. It usually starts on one pull. It cuts through all types of lawns easily. Performance It performs fantastically. Handling It handles well. I have not had any problems with the handling. Durability The engine lasts. I am on my second deck with this motor. I use it for my own lawn and until recently I mowed two other lawns, one of which is an acre at least. Safety It has all the standard safety features that come on most push mowers. It stops when you let go of the throttle/bar and I have never had problems with it throwing debris or ocassional stick that went unnoticed. Ease of Use It starts easy and is easy to control. It usually starts on the first pull. It is light weight and the folding handles make it easy to transport in my car from yard to yard. Engine Power I have used it on some fairly tall and thick grass without any problems. I have cut through some rough patches and it goes effortlessly through them.

Kansas City, KS


Honda HRX217HXA 21-inch Gas Lawn Mower

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