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Honda Commercial Lawn Mower

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Internal Plastic Safety Parts are a Pain


I was really excited when I purchased this lawn mower, as it was lightweight and had a Honda engine on it. However, after the stress of cutting wet, heavy grass and constantly having to clear the grass clippings chute between the deck and bag, I started to get really frustrated and realized I had made a bad investment. Whenever there is a significant amount of stress on the engine, a plastic safety pin inside the engine breaks, and requires you either to take the engine apart to replace it, or take it to a mechanic. I tried replacing it myself first, but since it was works in conjunction with the pull cord, it does require special tools to install it that I would have to purchase. Therefore, I took it to a Honda small engines mechanic to fix it. I traded the mower for one that was recommended. I would NOT purchase another mower that had a Honda engine on it.

Milwaukee, WI


Best lawnmower on the market


I have a landscaping company and own 3 of these commercial mowers, there all over 25 years and still start on the first pull, best machines on the market, worth every penny!! Performance Makes a great cut and very reliable Durability Tough as nails, 25 years and going strong



very durable product


I mow around 10 yards (adds up to over 200 mowings a year) every summer for a part time job. I have one of these mowers and have never had any problems with it. The ball bearing wheels are a great feature. The self propel also works great. if you want a mower that will last, spend the extra money and get this one. you wont be dissapointed. the mower has a 2 blade muclhing system that is great as long as the grass isnt wet. it has alot of power when going through longer grass and can maintain a very high speed.   this mower is top of the line for self propell walk behind mowers. the self propel handle is very nice, and has an aadjustable throttle to maintain different speeds. when you let go of the blade rotation handle the mower is still running which is nice if you need to move something in front of the mowers path or answer a quick phone call. very handy. spend the extra money and get one.

Eureka, IL


Honda Commercial Lawn Mower

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