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Honda 24" Snow Blower

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A trustworthy brand, a great product


I selected this machine because of the brand, and I have not been disappointed. It starts dependably, runs smoothly, is efficient on gas, and easy to operate. I had never owned a snowblower before, and was a bit nervous about it, but it's easy and really makes a difference in my life. It has required very little maintenance, and I know that when a storm is coming, I won't be snowed in.

Telford, PA


The only snowblower my husband will use, the best there is!


My husband loves this snowblower. It was very much worth spending a bit more. I'm sure we will have it forever. We had a smaller one previously and the difference this machine has made in easing the work of a wis. winter is wonderful!



Very smooth quiet performer


The Honda HS724TA track drive snow blower is a great machine with its hydrostatic drive, you set the pace. Very easy to start and very smooth and quiet running, I cannot find another brand that can compare to it. Two things to note about it. First, it is not available with electric start, but it starts so easily that I did not let that stop me from buying it. Second, with the hydrostatic drive, it does not "free wheel" like all the rest, so you can't pull it or push it. You must drive it. The infinite foward and reverse (the more you push the lever foward, the faster is goes foward and the more you pull the lever back, the faster it goes in reverse) is a worth while trade off for the "free wheeling".

Elmwood Park, NJ


Honda 24" Snow Blower

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