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Homelite electric hedge trimmer

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Light enough for any woman to handle


This 7.2 volt grass shear/shrubber is light enough for any woman to handle.  The shear model weighs only 2.1 pounds.   The cutting capacity is 3/8 inch and the total blade length is 4 inches and 6 inches.  The 4 inch blad is used on grass and light weeds and the 6 inch blade is used on shrubs.  It comes with a portable charger and an extension handle.  The handle can bed used as a handhelt unit or with the extension handle for better reach.  It is has lock-off button which prevents accidental starting.  The scabbard and sheath keep the operator from coming in contact with the sharp blades when the tool is not in use or blades getting nicked or damaged when the toll is in storage.  The unit has easy to folllow assemble instructions.  I purchased this product to mainly shear my shrubs as many of my plants have thorns.  It works great on them and then I found that the grass shear works just as nice up around plants that are not in mulch.

Bentonville, AR


Light and easy to use hedge trimmer


With a total blade length of 17 inches, and just under 5 lbs (4.6lbs) this trimmer is a dream to use. It's lightweight compared to other models and easy to operate and control. It comes with a pregrounded cord so no grounding pin on the plug, which means I can use an older cord or outlet. And it has a cord retainer to keep the plugs plugged in. A chip guard to keep things from bouncing off your hands as you cut, and a switch trigger is a nice safeguard, allowing the blade rotation only when it, and the lock off button, are pressed at the same time. Meaning both hands must be on the unit for it to cut. While its not as big and powerful as a lot of the others out there, it's easy to control and this one does a nice job trimming. I like the electrical ones better than the others, it allows the unit to be lighter with no fuel on board, thereby easier to maneuvers. Dealing with a cord is nothing when your working with equipment that fits easily into small hands, as this one does. I feel I have complete control at all times, and I'm not being vibrated off my feet!  

Navarre, FL


Homelite electric hedge trimmer

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