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Chain Saws
Homelite Ranger 16" Chainsaw

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Even a newbie can use the Remington Outlaw 20in 46cc chainsa


Having never owned a chainsaw before I thought I better read the brochure to see where everything was located and how this saw operates. This was so easy to use. The saw started on the 7th pull. It cut right through 6-8 inch limbs today but I will use it to take down a larger Mulberry tree. I am no expert but recommend this to anyone who wants a good reliable saw for a reasonable price. I was really impressed with how quick it started and how it would keep running.


Knoxville TN


Great little workhorse!


I have to say I've owned Homelite Ranger chainsaw for over 5 years and it's great. I use it every year to take down trees and cut up firewood. Always starts easy.  After several years the chain brake spring went out. So I had it removed so that I can continue to use the saw. (wouldn't recommend that for light or new users) The saw does have a guide on the tip for beginners and not-so-experienced users. to keep them from cutting with the tip. I do remove that from time to time to cut bigger trees. I've cut up to ~20" diameter trees/logs with it. as long as you have a sharp chain it cuts nice. Have replaced the chain once just this week after years of use. (old chain was dull from cutting up a huge black locust last fall) I will say the only downside to mine is that the auto oiler has a slow leak now when it sits for a while. I recommend when putting up this saw for a period of time that you not only drain the gas but the bar oil too. That said, I've never had problems with excess oil usage. I've worked for many hours and only had to refill maybe once.  I will say that how well this saw will work for you honestly depends on how well you care for it. clean it up and empty it out before you put it away for a season, and it'll start right up. I've had friends with other saws not clean them up or dump/run all the old gas out and they always have problems when they pull their saws back out. I definitely recommend this for cutting firewood and around the house jobs. If you're experienced and have to do some bigger jobs, it'll work well too on those.


Athens, GA


My Homelite 16'" chainsaw has been to Hell and back - no issues.


I've owned a Ranger Homelite 16" chainsaw for the last 8-9 years. It gets used quite a lot both in Houston and on our East Texas property. Compared to a Craftsman I owned prior to buying the Homelite, the Homelite has never leaked bar oil through the bottom of the case in spite of extended running at full throttle. The Craftsman began leaking after only a few outtings. It also never fails to start, runs fine on old fuel, and can take an incredible amount of abuse. Its bar has been pinched, crushed, bent, etc. and heals well. It does like to warm up a little, will bog sometimes if you give it too much throttle when cold, then it clears itself and gets up to speed. I've had no excessive oil usage issues, no mechanical issues. As long as the chain is sharp, it will cut through pine, cedar, oak, crepe myrtle, etc. all day long. When hurricane Ike snapped my front pine tree, which was easily three feet in diameter, I bought a pair of new chains and the saw had no problem doing the work of a much larger saw. I loaned it out once but, knowing how rare a really good chainsaw apparently is, I will never be that free with it again. I have used the 18" model with the same engine and personally prefer the handling, responsiveness and ergonomics of the smaller saw, especially when balancing on a ladder.  Highly recommended after many years of use.


Houston, TX


Homelite Ranger 16" Chainsaw

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