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Homelite 18" Electric Mulching Mower

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The Homelite 18" Electric Mulching Mower makes the cut!


The** **Homelite 18" Electric Mulching Mower is an affordable, easy-to-use electric lawnmower. With a 12 amp motor and a 36 inch cutting width, this mower makes short work of my yard. It is powerful enough to make small mulch of my grass clippings, yet light enough to move where I need it. I have owned this mower for three years with no maintenance required. The safety-release switch broke off, but it did so in such a way that functionality was not compromised. The foldable handle allows it to store easily in my shed, and the detachable grass chute helps to take up very little space. All in all, the Homelite 18" Electric Mulching Mowerhas proven a powerful and reliable lawn maintenance tool. I strongly recommend this mower because of its low price and high reliability.


Blue Springs, MO


Not much of a mulcher. Grass looks good


**This report covers walk-behind lawn mowers, including self-propelled and push gas mowers; cordless and corded electric mowers; and manual reel lawn mowers. This year, we also cover the first propane-fueled mowers designed for homeowner use. Reviews recommend walk-behind mowers for lawns up to about half an acre in size. We have a separate report on , some of which can handle even bigger lawns. For the biggest lawns, we have another report on riding mowers and ** **** **** **We found the most comprehensive 2010 lawn mower review at ConsumerReports.org, where a team puts 53 gas and electric lawn mowers through rigorous standardized tests. This review rates each lawn mower on its ability to cut grass evenly, as well as on its performance in all three modes of handling grass clippings: mulching, bagging and side-discharging. In addition, mowers are tested for maneuverability and rated for overall ease of use. Repair records by brand are based on an annual poll of readers.** **This year, ConsumerReports.org adds ratings and reviews from owners. These are based on actual use in a wider range of situations -- and over a longer period of time -- than the editors' tests. It's interesting to see that owners' ratings often contradict the ConsumerReports.org rankings.** **Although the ConsumerReports.org test is the most comprehensive review we found, it does have some gaps. Only a few manual reel mowers are reviewed separately; none are compared with other types of mowers. Ratings for gas mowers don't make clear which models meet California's more rigorous emissions standards -- indicators of a mower's environmental impact. Nor do CR's ratings report each gas and electric lawn mower's noise level.** **This year's lawn mower review at Popular Mechanics does specify noise levels, however. Though only eight mowers are covered, they're all comparable and of the most popular type: self-propelled mulching mowers that can also bag or side-discharge clippings. In addition to clear ratings, the Popular Mechanics review highlights the main pros and cons of each model and picks a winner as well as the top budget pick.** **The 2010 lawn mower brand ratings at J.D. Power and Associates are also quite useful, though they're based on a relatively small customer-satisfaction survey of 2,220 readers. The survey concludes that durability is a key factor in customer satisfaction with a lawn mower. This makes sense, because sending a lawn mower out for repair during the mowing season is a major inconvenience. ConsumerReports.org's brand reliability ratings, by contrast, cover about 20 times as many lawn mowers.** **Other reviews also fill in some of the gaps in ConsumerReports.org's coverage. Both Mother Earth News and Wired magazine compare electric lawn mowers in greater detail, with an additional focus on comfort. The Australian equivalent to ConsumerReports.org, Choice magazine, compares gas mowers' noise levels. An older review at the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse measures the noise level of even more lawn mowers, covering all types.** **Noise is a key factor in choosing a lawn mower, not only for neighborhood sanity, but also for protecting one's own hearing. (A recent survey shows that more than three-quarters of users rarely or never use ear protection.) Relatively small differences in decibel ratings are significant; most people can distinguish a difference in noise level of only one decibel. A 10-decibel difference means the sound is approximately twice as loud.** **Lawn mower reliability and performance don't depend on price** **Experts say that most powered mowers last an average of five to seven years. Both corded and cordless electric lawn mowers need less routine maintenance than gas mowers, but we found quite a few complaints from owners about difficulty getting parts and service for them. In fact, that's one of the themes running through lawn mower reviews from owners. Many owners recommend, for both gasoline and electric mowers, choosing a local dealer with good repair service. Among gas mowers, push mowers have a better repair record than self-propelled models, which are more complex. Simple manual reel mowers need far less maintenance than either type of powered mower, and they can last for decades.** **Manual reel mowers are the least expensive and most durable option, as well as the best for the environment. However, most users say they're really only a good choice for very small yards (or if you have very energetic kids who like to mow). A few enthusiastic users say they do mow larger areas or even use them for commercial landscaping.**


Sykesville, MD


Homelite is a good mower.


This lawn mower really lives up to its repretation. It mulches and it is ideal to mow the lawn clean cut. I made a good selection when I bought this product. If you are looking for a product that can cut your lawn and mulch it too then this is the right one for the job. My yard is not that big but this mower really leaves a clean looking cut I am a satisfied customer.


Memphis, TN




This was a awesome purchash it goes absolutally smooth the whole time. It hardly ever breaks down it hasn't for me yet so. My lawn looks the best is ever has in like forever nothing can ever bet its high qulity and other awesome features


Augusta, GA


Homelite 18" Electric Mulching Mower

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